Welcome Chinese New Year 2022 with a review of Fortune Ox, a new online slot game from PGSLOT camp,

the top slot game camp in Thailand due to its collection of hundreds of high-quality online slots for players. fully PGSLOT has created new games with the subject of the zodiac year of the ox, Fortune Ox slots, the lucky golden cow of the year 2022, to complement the New Year’s spirit. Try out our slot machines. Not need to apply before No trial account is required to play slots at all.

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If discussing the zodiac year, the word “Ox” signifies “productivity.” Ancient Chinese believed that farming would be more productive in the Year of the Ox. Like the bull, the emblem of the year of the ox has become one of the Chinese people’s fortunate animals. When the mythology of the zodiac year enters the major focus. The game has elements of Chinese culture that have been passed down for millennia. With hues that highlight gold and red allowing players to experience the Chinese New Year’s atmosphere, which is said to bring prosperity including money to all gamers.

Consequently, slot games featuring bull symbols and a touch of Chinese culture will undoubtedly bring players good fortune. If you are prepared, spin the wheel of fortune with PG SLOT Fortune Tiger!

Symbols of Fortune Ox slot machine game online

The Fortune Ox game is a new slot machine. Reels 1 and 3 feature three rows, whereas reel 2 has four. There are a total of 10 paylines and just six normal reward symbols, providing you the opportunity to win. Very simple to win Each symbol has the following payment rate.

Golden gourd emblem Has a maximum payout rate of 100 times

The gold coin box icon has a payout rate of up to 50 times that of the gold coin bag icon. Has a payout rate of up to twentyfold.

The red package symbol has a maximum reward multiplier of ten.

The orange emblem pays tribute to Chao. A payout rate of up to five times.

The firecracker symbol has a payout rate of up to three times the wager.

Special Symbols of the Ox Game of Fortune

In addition to the six standard reward symbols, the fortunate golden cow slot game features one unique symbol that may be utilized to assist in play.

Dragon Tiger Luck is an ancient yet extremely seasoned game that was updated in 2021.

Unique Symbol

A bull is the Wild Symbol in the game Fortune Ox. Wild Symbols, whose primary function is to replace all winning symbols, appear often with multiple pictures. Sometimes the entire reel is displayed. Consequently, there is a very high probability of winning various prizes, and you also have the option of a payout rate of up to 200 times your wager.

Although the Fortune Ox slot game lacks Scatter Symbols and Free Spins, it has a large number of Wild Symbols that frequently appear together. Including several more features to replace one another. Which is regarded as equally useful as any game featuring a Scatter Symbol?

Feature Recommendations for Fortune Ox Slot Game

There are two sorts of unique bonuses that result in frequent wins in the Fortune Ox slot game. In terms of substantial prize money as well

Shared Reels Capability

The Shared Reels Feature prevents reels 1 and 3 from spinning. In addition, the symbols on each reels are identical. Only the center reel continues to spin regularly. In addition to simplifying the process of winning rewards If the symbols on the middle reel are identical to those on the first and third reels, hundreds of bonuses are readily rewarded.

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Multiplier Feature

The Multiplier Feature is a unique feature that multiplies earnings and is considered the game’s jackpot. If all reels have the same symbol, regardless of the payoff amount, the payout percentage is the highest. The game’s mechanism will enhance the jackpot payout by a multiplier of up to ten times the initial amount. On the surface, needing to load each reel with symbols may sound challenging while playing slots, but with the Fortune Ox game, it’s easier than it seems, thanks to the aforementioned Shared Reels feature.

Consider it a game of chance if you obtain a Wild Symbol with a payoff rate of up to 200 times all reels. activates the Multiplier function to double the award by ten. Multiply your profits by 2,000 in a single spin.

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If you are prepared to make a profit with the Fortune Ox game review, a golden bull with a Chinese New Year theme will bring fortune. You have attained prosperity; act immediately! Apply immediately to bet with PGSLOT and receive bonus credit to improve your luck and earnings with our lucky cow. This subject will not disappoint you. Because it is a game recognized for its easy-to-break bonuses (better than using slot machine algorithms) in addition to receiving several bonuses! Or, if you are interested in games with various themes, go here.

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