Lammas Camp: Grab Your Tickets!

Good folk, friends, peeps, mateys and bods. Summer is at its blistering (although slightly windy today) height, and we find ourselves barrelling exhilaratingly towards what scientists refer to as “The Bit With Lammas Camp In It”.

Are you planning to join us for Lammas Camp this year? ‘Course you are. It’s the event of the season. They all want to be there — celebs, Hollywood A-listers, rock stars, lords and ladies, barons, dukes and emperors… They all want in on this — but places are limited.

What are we to do?

Dinnae fash, as they say in ma dad’s auld haimtoun.

You — yes, you, you delicious seeker of wonders, you — have a chance to get in ahead of the crowd, and claim your place in the sun probably unless it thunders again but that’s fine too we’re nature lovers we can cope.

How to claim your place? Well, on the advice of the local constabulary, we’ve been advised that we can’t run another Hunger Games to winnow the applicants this year (oh, and by the way, whoever left the chakram behind after the last time, the police say we can’t have it back: they’re melting it down to turn into little statuettes of Sir Robert Peel for the annual divisional charity knick-knack sale).

Sorry to those who were looking forward to that. But this year we’ve found an even more effective approach, which we’re calling ‘tickets’. Basically, we have a number of specially designed pieces of paper, which you can buy, with money — no swordplay or mortal terror required — via the Morning Star Craft web page HERE. (Also, do consider buying sparkling dangly things from Morning Star Craft while you’re there.)

Get in quick. Stake your claim. There’s gold in them thar hills. That hill. There. Let’s all go and camp on it.

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015 – In HTML

Good folks! Pagans, heathens, witches, druids, pagan-friendlies, pagan-curioses, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots.


Further to our recent post, I am pleased to present – and only in case you had any graphical glitchery preventing full enjoyment of the original – the Lammas Summer Camp 2015 timetable, in glorious HTML table format!

Please peruse the below at your leisure, and do – if you would – forgive the WordPress quirk that means vertical lines are not displayed, and the Coldwind quirk that means I can’t figure out a workaround for it. Try to imagine the columns as being neatly separated, as you’d expect from a professional tabular publication.

Thank you.

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015

Thursday 30 July 2015
7pm (ish) – Beating of the Bounds and Opening Ritual
9pm Thunderstorm (as usual)
Marquee 1 Marquee 2 Domes Craft Outside
11:00 Crystals in Healing
Who’s Life
Sacred Chants
Ongoing through the day:

Children’s activities

Kite Making

Pewter Casting

Totem Pole

Prayer Flags

12:00 Personal Transformation
Belly Dance
13:00 – – – – –
The Missing Witch
John Crow
14:00 Mindfulness Forum & Discussion
Runes 1
Suzanne & Darren
15:00 Herbs
16:00 Meet Your Animal Guide
19:00-23:00 Entertainment
21:00 Blót to Freya
 Night-Time. Go to bed, or stay up all through; the choice, as they say, is yours.
10:00 – – – – –
Power Animal Meditation
11:00 Runes II
Suzanne & Darren
12:00 Regression & Christos
Totem Animal Magic & Folklore
13:00 Headdresses
14:00 Numerology
Earth Star Meditation
15:00 Dream Analysis
Flowering Tree Ceremony
16:00 Plant Spirit Shamanism
Gender Discussion
Suzanne & Cat
21:00 Mind-Expanding Weird Shit
23:00 Drum Curfew
 Night-Time. You may’ve thought that last night’s comment meant there were binary options of ‘Go to bed’ or ‘Stay up’. Of course, combinations of the two were permissible. Sorry for any confusion or excess sleep caused.
10:00 Goblin Market & Suzanne’s Chill-Down Storytelling
Have a safe journey home

Lammas Camp Timetable 2015

Mesdames et Messieurs et That, we would like to take a moment to present unto you, fresh orf the thing, the Lammas Camp Timetable Of Workshops And Such 2015.

Cast thy peepers downwards for the list. It’s currently in an image format but I will, stuff permitting, type it up in the next couple of days.


Important: Lammas Camp 2014 Ticket Sales

We’ve been asked to give notice that ticket sales for the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2014 will close at:

22:00 (10 pm) on Sunday 27 July 2014

That’s the Sunday before the camp starts.

If you’re aiming to attend the camp this year, please make sure you’ve arranged your tickets before then – there will be no further sales afterwards and we don’t want you to miss out!


AHEM – Ticket sales are now closed, and the countdown begins in earnest 🙂

Planning a Workshop?

While we’re on the subject of Sumer Camp, incidentally… No, not Sumer Camp. That’s the annual ancient Mesopotamian extravaganza, and it’s the wrong time of year for that.

No, I mean of course the Derbyshire Pagans Summer Camp (big it up, there, big it up) – while we’re on that subject, could we please ask that anyone planning on running any workshops who hasn’t already arranged them, or anyone who’s arranged to run one but hasn’t forwarded the details on to Gwen as yet, could you please email Gwen HERE to log the details with her.

We want to know what to expect from you wild and brilliant folk.

Thank you. 🙂

Camp Food!

If you’re anything like me, food is very important to you.

Well, of course food’s important to you, or you’d starve.  But you know what I mean.  What I mean is: you like food.  I like food.  We all like good food, and we all prefer not to have bad food.  Fortunately, there’s not much chance of the latter at this year’s Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp!

Our diligent organising bodies have managed to arrange for RJS Catering to join us on site, and they’ll be providing good wholesome nosh in the following wise:

Lammas Camp 2014 Menu

Breakfast service from 8am until 10.30am
Freshly cooked Bacon, Eggs & Sausages ( Vegetarian available)
all served on a Fresh Roll with a Selection of Sauces
£2.00 1 item
£2.50 2 items
£3.00 3 items
Assorted cereals with fresh milk £1.50
Fruit Yoghurts £1.00

Lunch service from 11.30am until 2.30pm
Lunch bag consisting of a freshly filled baguette in a variety of flavours, packet of crisps and a muffin / cake £3.50
Jacket Potato served with fillings of Cheese, Beans, Chilli ( Vegetarian available), Tuna Mayo
£3.00 1 filling
£3.50 2 fillings

Evening Service at 5.30pm until 9.30pm (different menu daily)
Barbecue serving:
Quarter pound Beefburgers
Prime pork sausages
Chicken skewers
Vegetarian alternatives of:
Vegetable Burgers
Vegetarian Sausages
Halloumi Skewers.
All served on fresh Rolls with sauces £3.00 each
Chicken or vegetable Jalfrezi with fresh rice & Naan Bread £4.50
Penne Pasta with a Tomato & Basil Sauce with Garlic Bread £4.50
Beef or vegetarian Chilli with fresh Rice & Crusty Bread £4.50
Pork Sausages or Vegetarian Sausage & mash with peas & Gravy £4.50

From 8am until 10pm every day:
Drinks: Tea, Coffee or Soft drinks @ 75p each
Crisps, Snacks & Chocolate 60p each

To contact RJS Catering directly, call 07751353775 or email HERE.