Despite the fact that the United States of America is often referred to as “the home of the free,” its laws on gambling are not particularly lenient.

The laws in each state are very different from one another. Because of legislation passed at the federal level, gambling online is illegal in virtually every state in the country. These rules also make it illegal to conduct financial business with betting establishments through online banking or wire transfers.


One of the states that has one of the most traditional and restrictive stances on gambling written into its state constitution is New Hampshire.


Although there are currently strong rules in place that prohibit the majority of different types of gambling, there appears to be a push towards legislation changes in this regard in the not too distant future.

Is it possible to gamble online in the state of New Hampshire?


Even though ‘games of chance’ are not specifically mentioned in the constitution of New Hampshire, it is generally agreed that online gambling falls under this category and should be regulated as such.  With the exception of specific games played for charitable purposes, such as lottery and bingo, as well as pari-mutuel betting on horse racing and dog racing, all forms of gambling based on chance are prohibited in this state.


By means of the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” and the “Federal Wire Act,” the United States government has passed legislation that expressly call for the prohibition of online gambling. It is necessary for the Senate to grant a specific state’s explicit forgiveness in order for these laws to be overturned. Since New Hampshire has not yet made efforts to pass this bill, the state is totally bound by the legislation that has been passed.


In New Hampshire, the minimum age to gamble legally is 21.

In the state of New Hampshire, the minimum age required to participate in some forms of gambling varies from one kind of gambling to another. If you want to participate in activities such as the lottery or bingo, you need to be at least 18 years old. At least 21 years of age is required to participate in activities such as poker, horse racing, and dog racing.


Who Is Responsible for Casino Regulation in New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority is responsible for the governance, regulation, and oversight of all gaming activities that take place inside the state of New Hampshire.


This organization was established so that it could fulfill the following mission statement: “ensure the integrity and public confidence in gaming regulation; oversee and assess the current regulation of gaming activities authorized pursuant to New Hampshire law; and recommend the appropriate regulation of casino gambling in New Hampshire.”


The New Hampshire Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority’s number is 603-271-3391, and it can be reached at that number.

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