Jesse James was a well-known outlaw and gambler.

Jesse James is regarded as a folk hero. Following his service in the Civil War, he turned to a life of crime and rose to prominence as one of the most sought individuals in the Midwestern United States. For the purpose of exacting his vengeance against the Unionists, whom he had fought against throughout the war, he looted banks, attacked railroads, and murdered hundreds of people. This well-known outlaw’s hidden hobby was gambling, and he was quite good at it. His passion of gambling would continue to be a constant in his life despite the fact that he first became interested in gambling when he was very young and fell in love with card games.

Please keep reading this in-depth biography to get further information on the life of Jesse James. You’ll get more information about his youth, his passion for gambling, the time he spent serving in the military, and his life as a criminal. We are willing to wager that you will learn something that you were previously unaware of.

In the Beginning

On September 5, 1847, Jesse James made his debut into the world in Kearney, Missouri. He had a younger sister by the name of Susan Lavenia, as well as an elder brother by the name of Alexander Franklin.
The family was highly prosperous due to the fact that his father was a prosperous farmer. They had more over one hundred acres of property, which was a significant amount for that era. Actually, his father used part of the family’s money to establish William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, which is one of the most successful educational institutions in the country today.

Because his connection with God took precedence over everything else in his life, his father finally entered the ministry rather than pursuing a career in business. James, like his father before him, made it a habit to go to church on a weekly basis and often offered his services as a volunteer to assist with various activities that were organized by the church. He even entertained the idea of accompanying his father on a mission trip to California in order to share the gospel with gold miners in that state. However, it is fortunate that he did not go since his father never came back from where he had gone. Cholera, a bacterial illness, took the life of James’ father, leaving behind a bereaved family and prompting James to walk away from his religion.

James found solace at the casino not long after the passing of his father, and it was during this time that he frequented the establishment. He would spend his nights at the local gambling hall, where he would witness individuals consume their body weights in alcoholic beverages while playing a variety of card games. Despite the fact that he was not old enough to bet at the time, he did learn how to play card games such as poker and blackjack. He ultimately instructed both his brother and sister in the game so that he would have someone to compete against in the future. He found solace in playing these card games, and they were essential in assisting him in coming to terms with the death of his father.

The Steps Leading Up to a Criminal Lifestyle

During the American Civil War, Jesse James and his family were staunch supporters of the Confederacy because they intended to maintain the employment of slave labor on their farm. In 1863, their property was raided by Union troops who were looking for additional information about Confederate guerrilla bands. The soldiers were unsuccessful in their mission. Even though the soldiers warned James and his family that they would be killed if they did not provide any information, the troops departed without really carrying out their threat. This event served as the impetus for James and his brother to enlist in the military and fight in the war.

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