Summer Camp

The Derbyshire Pagans summer camp usually takes place over a weekend around Lammas/Lughnasadh each year since 2003.  It’s been held in a variety of locations, including the Bull i’th’ Thorn pub at Flagg, and Barn Farm at Birchover, which was the venue for the 2010 camp.

Features from previous camps have included:

  • Stalls and traders providing various goods and services
  • Workshops at a range of levels giving information and teaching techniques, skills and crafts
  • Open evening ritual
  • Drumming circle
  • Food van
  • Nearby stone circle (Birchover)
  • Nearby pub (Flagg)
  • Nearby pub called The Druid (Birchover) (how can you go wrong?)

We’ll post specific information for upcoming camps on this page as soon as we have confirmed details – please check back regularly to get the latest updates.


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