Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2011


The Newhouse Organic Farm, Kniveton, Ashbourne DE6 1JL

Send us your photographic evidence, and we’ll put them up on this very page in an album of your very own 🙂

Just to give you a reminder, there were the following:

  • A GAP in the Hedge, with Steve Niner
  • Belly Dancing Workshop
  • Christos Technique Regression
  • fireside drumming
  • Runes and runic lore
  • Lore of Trees and Plants
  • Mask-Making
  • Seidr
  • Viking Sagas/Norse Gods
  • Tarot workshop
  • Religio Romana talk
  • Walking Meditation
  • Witch’s Ladder
  • Labyrinth Dance
  • Healing tent with reiki and other techniques
  • a vocal and violin performance by Oryelle

Alternatively you can leave a comment telling us your favourite bits about the 2011 camp for posterity 🙂


32 thoughts on “Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2011

  1. Wish you would get these camp details on Facebook then we can get it sahred propley with everone we know.
    so looking forward to Camp

    • I’m hoping to be able to regain control of the CP page on Facebook soon. Perhaps FB will help us out today.

      Until then, we’ll simply have to rely on people’s posts, discussions and so on. I’ll post something up shortly. – T.

  2. I am sooo looking foward to this camp….it’s a whole new way forward…creative dynamic people that are friendly and welcoming…….It is kept as cheap as possible so it is affordable to all…non profit making is one of it’s many virtues….NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

  3. Hi – sounds really good. I’m not yet sure of my plans around then but will hope to come…
    Who is doing the Seidr workshop?
    (I’m just wondering if I’d already agreed to do one for you – in which case of course I’ll have to be there!)

    All best and waes hal,

  4. Hail and welcome, Jenny!

    If we said, “yes you had agreed, and signed a contract and everything”, would you come? We might have to forge your signature, though, if you actually wanted proof… 🙂

    At the moment we’ve just got things pencilled in, but you’d be most welcome to come along and join us. Our friend Pat is running the workshop; there’ll also be one on the basics of Asatru by Amalasuntha somewhere in the plan, and I’ll be wandering around looking lost (it’s my most helpful contribution). If you happen to have a free space that weekend (go on, have a free space!) we’d love to see you there. And if you felt like sharing some of your knowledge, we could trade for cake?



  5. Ohhh If Jenny if you Could come do the workshop for Seidr That would be so Good ..
    Although We Have a working Group WE still have lots to Find out about and to learn .
    We should like to offer a Drum Awaking Ceremony . This is a mongolian Baisded ritual to Awaken your Drum for Shamanic work.
    Most Participants would need to have there own Drum to energise and awaken for their work . However anyone could join in the ceremony

  6. Camp content sounds really good.

    Will we be able to take our VW van to the camp and sleep in it within the camp bounds, or is it tent only ( like e.g. the Nottingham goddess camp )?

    • As far as I know there’ll be at least two Bongoes going, so unless I find out otherwise (in which case I’ll put a note up on here) a VW should be no problem. – Tiro

  7. Hi – hoping still tickets are available? Have been to the last 2 at Birchover & really enjoyed them.

    Have I read it right that stalls are only trading on the Sunday?

    Bright Blessings x

  8. Hail Stefanie,
    Tickets are still available for the camp at Kniveton, you can either purchase them through the Eventbrite link at the top of the Home page, or contact Gwen directly. Stalls are welcome to trade throughout the camp, but with other things such as workshops, ritual, displays and the all important nattering to other pagn folks needing to be done, we thought only fair that a day be given over to the important task of shopping. Sunday is dedicated to the Goblin Market, that way stall holders don’t feel like they have to stay with their goods all weekend for fear of missing out on trade, and thus missing out on all the other cool stuff going on.
    Hope that helps,


  9. Thanks for that Amalasuntha – I’ll try and contact Gwen.

    It makes sense about stalls – I often feel like I’m observing the camp rather than being part of it. And the list of things going on looks great!!

    Bright Blessings

  10. Hi – Met some of you wonderfully welcoming people at Hasfest on Saturday.

    Ive decided to join you at camp this year and get the full experience of both your hospitality and your friendship

    Looking forward to seeing you there


    • Hello there! Sorry about the delay replying to this – glad you could make it to Hasfest, and hope you’re recovering all right, and the therapy isn’t costing too much. 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get to hang around – couldn’t get out of work as I’d hoped. If you saw a woman running around in Viking gear (girly-Viking gear, that is), that was Amalasuntha. Incidentally, if you’d still like to come along to a moot, just let us know – we can meet you at the pub beforehand if you’d like, just drop us a line.

  11. Hello Guys,tis me Del,was wondering if anyone had offerd to do the walking meditation.If not could I volunteer to do it.Not long now looking forward

  12. ORRYELLE DEFENESTRATE BASCULE is an artist ,writer and performer who draws upon a rich mythoscape of cross cultural threads between ancient traditions and interweaveing influences.

    Based in Melbourne Austrailia Where he began the ever -expansive Metamorphic Ritual theatre company,He has in recent years performed also in europe And the u.k. while travels to india and Egypt have furthered his spiritual explorations.

    An Artist ,both visual and Sonic,Ritual tattooist and Authour (Conjunctio) and now Coagula at Fulgur limited, aswell as produceing SILKMILK magi-zain a sampler of art,text and music.

    The Shamanic Pan-Tree in conjuction with Gwen And Jay is delighted to Welcome Orryelle to Lammas Camp 2011 where he will be performing,and will be happy to sign copys of hIs New book COAGULA.

    Blessings/Namaste y,all Mr.Glen:)x

  13. Ticket booked, route map from Derby printed, just need to pack my rucksack & scooter !… Will there be some hard standing for a “motorbike” ?….. See you all soon… Brightest Blessings !…)O(… ^_^

    • Hullo. We’ve checked with the lady wot knows, and she says the site is a field and there’s no hardstanding; but if you want to bring some board, metal plate or similar to go under your side-stand, you should be able to spread the weight out and keep the bike upright. Looking forward to seeing you there. 🙂

  14. Y’know I don’t know.. but I know a lady who does – give me a mo and I’ll go find out for you :).

  15. Really looking forward to seeing you all at camp, the firewood pile is started (any more wood welcome) The areas are planned out, the loo’s have been checked (twice:-)) and the view over Chrome hill phenominal , workshop timetable (pagan time )well on its way and onsite food stall/music cafe is near its final planning stages, we just need the sunshine and all is lookin GOOOOOOD 🙂

  16. If anyone would like to bring guitars and other accoustic instruments and play around the music cafe that would be awesome, get a bit of an afternoon lazy jam session going , also for folk with their own loo’s/buckets if you are emptying them in the eco loo could you either use no loo fluid or eco freindly green fluid please as it is an eco organic farm thanx guys Gxxx

    • Hail and Welcome 🙂
      You would be most welcome at our camp, it promises to be a fantastic weekend 🙂 I have put your link in our permanent sidebar, hope that’s ok!

      – Amalasuntha

  17. hi its eric leaving stuff like every where can i reserve a ticket for me and my 13 yr old son met you at craft camp

    • Hullo,
      Have tried e-mailling you re Lammas camp tickets but it bounces! Please could you e-mail Gwen asap at and she’ll sort tickets out for you 🙂
      – Amalasuntha

  18. Hullo Eric, Ericsson and groovy hammock 🙂
    You are welcome at our Lammas camp, ironically we’ve just closed the online ticket sales, but I’ve forwarded your e-mail address onto Gwen and asked her to contact you asap 🙂 She shoud be in touch soon, and tickets shall be yours!

  19. Hail…………..If any one is attending the Walking Meditation on the Friday morning,I ask that you wear walking boots,or sturdy footwear,also you may wish to bring a drink of water.If you are a dog owner could you please leave your faithful freind behind,as I have found out from experience that even the most well behaved dog can be a desrtaction.
    Looking forward to walking with you.
    Tread Gently,Del.

  20. Just wanted to say (a little late – oops) we had a great time – thank you :o)

    Liked the new site even though I think the compost loos were due a clear out! Can’t wait to hear more about next years!

    Bright Blessings all

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