2012: Hasfest IV


Friday Night

  • Opening Party
    8pm – Midnight (ish), in the main marquee.
  • Ragnarokk Radio presents an evening of classic Hasfest tunes, climaxing with three hours of psy-trance euphoria presented by our live resident shamanic mechanic / DJ.

Saturday Events

  • Stalls: A fine array of quality shiny goods for sale
  • Workshops: Some fantastic workshops this year including meditatiOn groups, shamanic techniques and belly dancing. More workshops to be confirmed.
  • Nine Men’s Morris, led by the awesome Bob: Not entirely sure what this entails, but no doubt it will be the usual brew of chaos and frivolity.
  • Goddess and Blessings Tree: For your libations, blessings, honouring and wishes.

Saturday Night

  • 8pm onwards: Burning Man followed by fireside drumming and dancing. For some, the highlight of the weekend: the primal fusion of rhythm, flame and togetherness. Bring drums, rattles, didgeridoos, etc, and let us make righteous noise!

NEW FOR 2012!

The Grove

The Hasfest Crew are working hard to create a small sacred space on the event site. This will be an untimate wooded area for workshops, meditations and ritual. You can help! Please bring – or, over the weekend, create – items of decoration such as charms, symbols, fetishes and altar pieces, etc. We plan to hang these within the Grove, honouring this space and creating a balanced spiritual environment for everyone to share.

Sonic Jam: Putting the Rock ‘n’ Roll into Hasfest!

On Saturday, at around 3pm in the marquee, will be Hasfest’s first Sonic Jam. Everyone is invited to come together and make massive music and noise. Bring instruments, drums or just come and groove to the Hasfest Chaos Ensemble. Amps, guitars and drum kit will be provided, so anyone wishing to rock out, freak out or just get it on, this is your big moment. This is the first, and it may be the last, but we can make history!

The Crew are also on a mission to build a bigger, permanent fire pit this year, and a bigger Burning Man. And yes, he will again have his magnificent phallus to bless and decorate… Though we may need more ribbon.

That’s all for now, brothers and sisters. Stay tuned.



4 thoughts on “2012: Hasfest IV

  1. Hello Hasfest Organisers,

    I am interested in coming to Hasfest this year and have sent an email to the contact on here but had no reply yet.
    I would like to volunteer to run a workshop on the Saturday if you have space left to squeeze another one in.

    Thank you, Moira.

    • Hai and welcome Moira,

      Thanks for offering to do a workshop for us at Hasfest, you’d be more than welcome 🙂
      What subject would you like to cover? Just so’s we can put it on the advertising and make sure you have enough time and suitable space allocated 🙂

  2. Sorry, only just saw this – I have sent several emails with details on regarding what I could offer so if somebody checks the emails it’s all there – I didn’t want to cover something that was already being done. Thanks.

    • Hail Moira,
      I fear we have a bit of a mystery, your mails not gone to the Chesterfield Pagans contact us inbox, and I’ve been running diagnostic checks to make sure it’s still working and not eating mail…
      I’ve also checked with Gwen, it’s not arrived with her either – the mystery thickens 🙂 However much I love a good mystery we don’t have a lot of time to detangle it before Hasfest officially begins. There’s a space and time officially allocated for your workshop, so don’t fret 🙂 Just drop me a comment with what you’d like to do and I can continue my hunt for where your e-mail has got to in the meantime 🙂

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