HASFEST is a yearly pagan festival, held free of charge in Hasland, Chesterfield around the Beltane period.  The first Hasfest was held in 2009, and regular features include:

  • Overnight camping (toilet facilities during pub opening hours)
  • Stalls (goods and services and pagan-esque knick-knacks)
  • Workshops (outside and inside our shiny marquee tent)
  • Drumming
  • Firepit
  • Burning Man
  • Labyrinth and Blessing Tree
  • Nearby source of beer and chips  🙂

Also the company of a multitude of naturey types of different flavours, which, let’s face it, is the big selling point.

**HASFEST 2012**

You can leave your booking enquiry comments below: we’ll pick them up and send them onwards 🙂  Alternatively you can send us an e-mail to the contact us address, or make arrangements in person at a moot or gathering between now and May.

Make a space in your diaries for the fourth Hasfest in 2012: an independent free festival celebrating all paths pagan for a wonderfully packed three days.  By previous years, this year will probably have a great grass labyrinth for Bob’s fabulous guided labyrinth dance, stalls and workshops, drumming, dancing, music and the nearly world famous Burning Man as the sun goes down.  Well, practically world famous – OK, maybe we’ve got a few years to go yet.  The price of this fantastic weekend of pagan pageantry is nothing, no cost for camping, though space is limited and neighbours can end up rather cosy… the workshops and talks are free to attend, though you’ll probably have to pay for the shiny things on the stalls.  Just sayin’.

If you want to offer a workshop or talk on your very own special subject, just nudge Gwen, or leave a message here and we’ll pass it on.  Sharing knowledge, skills or information is very welcome at Hasfest and indeed all our moots and festivals, so if you’ve got a topic you know lots about and want to share your enthusiasm, please get in touch.

Likewise if you’d like to run a stall, or sell a service such as reading cards, reiki or aura healing, get in touch and we’ll advertise you beforehand, and make sure you have enough space to do your thing on the day.

The dates for 2012 are *drum roll*  18-20th May 2012.  At the New Inn Pub, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield.  So book them out in your diaries now, get in touch if you want to camp out, run a workshop or stall, and we’ll see you there 🙂


27 thoughts on “Hasfest

  1. Hi, I am new to Paganism but very interested in it as I think I have probably followed it for a long time but not realised it. I would love to get more involved and find out more about being a Pagan. Please could you tell me when the next Halfest is?

  2. Hail and Welcome, Lany! The good news is, we are having a Hasfest this year – it’s scheduled for 13-15th May, it’s free to attend, and you’d be more than welcome to drop in and see what we’re up to.

    Bearing in mind May’s quite a way away yet, if you’d like to ask us anything beforehand please feel free to email us at our contact address HERE. Or, if you prefer, our moots are open to the interested: they’re at the New Inn, Mansfield Road, Hasland, on the second Tuesday of every month from about 7.30pm ish. First floor room. There’s also a Derbyshire Pagans moot (that’s our mother group) at Cromford, Matlock, if you prefer: last Wednesday of every month, at the Boat Inn, from 8pm.

    We’re a generally friendly bunch (if a tad unhinged in some cases) and we always like to meet new people. We’re always happy to answer questions if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy looking over our site. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have texted Gwen re the Hasfest event […]. Can I please book a place for a 4 man tent, we will be bringing along some hand crafted walking sticks and staffs too.
    BB Jayne

    • I’m sure that’ll be no problem, Jayne, but I’ll ask Gwen to email to confirm as much. Hope to see you there! – Tiro.

  4. Hello
    I have sent an e-mail to Gwen asking got a gazeboo space for trade on the 14th, however could you please give me an address and postcode for the event.
    Many thanks

  5. Hail Bejal!

    The address is:

    The New Inn
    229 Mansfield Rd
    S41 0JJ

    Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂


  6. I wanted to go, but I think it’s a bit late now 😦 Will have 2 wait till next year. 🙂 see u all next year!

    • Sorry you missed Hasfest this time round. Don’t worry – there’s always the Lammas Camp if you’d like to join us (you can just drop in for the day if you’d prefer). Plus there’s the moots at Chesterfield or Cromford; the drumming evenings… But whether you manage any of those or not, don’t be afraid to drop in here on the site whenever you like; it’s always good to hear from people. 🙂

    • Hail Bejal,
      We don’t have dates for Hasfest 2012 just yet, but as soon as it’s fixed, there’ll be an announcement post up. Hope to see you there 🙂

    • Dates aren’t confirmed yet – as soon as the booking is made and the site and date can be confirmed we’ll put a post up about it on this site 🙂 – Amalasuntha

    • Good news! Hasfest is confirmed as the 18-20th May 2012. Post up with all the details soon 🙂 -Amalasuntha

  7. Hi all the dates are already up here and at the moment we are are plotting and planning another Hasfest Burning man wknd. Please leave a message on here or contact me, Gwen on 07878961646 to arrange camping workshops and stalls , as ever places are free but limited so please arrange as early as possible so i can sort out a (cozy) space Thanx Gxxx

  8. hi i would like to book a place for your hasfest for a tent and 3 adults and 2 wellbehaved dogs my husband and i are members of the spirit of the forest covan stockport run by ameythist lookforawrd to you contacting me to confurm our booking 075********

  9. Hail Debbie and Ian,
    You are all most welcome at Hasfest. We the webmasters have passed your details and number onto Gwen who is coordinating bookings for the site. She should be in touch with you soon 🙂
    See you there,

    ~Amalasuntha and Tiro

  10. Hia Hazel from Craft Lore I’d like to book in a small van and a bell tent with our stall, please If you have space.
    Thats for me and 2 other people.
    Warmest Wishes

    • Hail Hazel,
      Just to let you know I’ve forwarded your message onto Gwen this morning, as soon as she comes back to me, I’ll let you know 🙂

      • Hi I’v had no confirmation of my booking 1 bell tent the stall traveling in a small van just the 2 of us. And naturaly my ride doesn’t want to drive 150miles without a confirmation.
        All the best Hazel

      • Hail Hazel,
        We’ve seen Gwen this evening, and she says yes, you have a confirmed space for Hasfest 🙂
        See you soon!


    • Hail Bejal,
      Gwen’s confirmed the same stall space as last year for you, and I’ve passed your phone number on to her this evening 🙂
      See you there,
      ~ Amalasuntha

  11. Hail , im sorry to have missed the first meeting , when and where is the next one please ? blessings and peace

  12. Hail and Welcome Jon,
    The next annual Hasfest is 18-20 May this year at the New Inn, but with you saying meeting, do you mean the Asatru Lore Study group which had it’s inaugral meeting a little while back? The date for the next one of those hasn’ t been set yet, watch this space and I’ll confirm the date and time asap on this site 🙂

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