Lammas Camp 2014: The Schedule

On this page, you’ll find the details of the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp, in terms of the workshops, talks and events that’re being lined up for your delectation this year (that being 2014 by the Gregorian calendar).

These details are developing and will be subject to change more than once before camp date, so don’t forget to check back.  But this is how it’s looking so far (don’t be alarmed at blank spaces – these will diminish in the fullness of time).

Title Who What
A Blót to Thor Suzanne For Asatru, Heathen and those of a similar inclination, a ceremony  to honour Thor.
Angel Candles Paula
Astrology Aurora
Astronomy I Cat Basic astronomy and an exploration of the universe
Astronomy II Cat A discussion into theroetical physics, space, time and gravity (will go on until the last person leaves…)
Bellydancing Blackheart Belles Workshop on bellydancing. Go on, you known you want to 😉
Bonsai Paul
Braid-Making Suzanne Learn and make two different types of bobbin-woven braids.  15 places maximum class size.  £3 donation to cover materials please!
Bread-making Steve Bread making and Food for the Soul.
Chanting karl
Christos Past-Life Regression Simon
Corn Husk Goddess making Sarah Making a corn husk representation of the Goddess
Crystal Magic Ben
Dowsing for Life Cherill
Fairy Trail 3 Fairies
Folklore of Totems Chris
Headdress-making Workshop Gill
Healing Workshop Rebecca
Healing Workshop Rebecca
Introduction to Shamanism Pat
Kite-making Workshop Gill
Ninesticks Cherill Learn divination using ninesticks.
Pewter Workshop Paula Cast your own design in pewter
Poi Workshop Kergun McSavage That’s poi, not koi. Those little balls on the end of ribbons that you twirl round. Not the fish.
Power and You Pat
Power Animals I Pat An introduction to Power Animals
Power Animals II Cherrill Journeying to find some of your power animals
Power of Crystals Paul
Resonance Dori workshop around the author and her work entitled ‘Resonance’
Runes I Darren and Suzanne The basics and many uses of runes. (will provide the basis for Runes II)
Runes II Darren and Suzanne Advanced class, focusing on runes in Galdr and Seidr this year (you must have attended Runes I to get the best out of this session!)
Scary Fairies Cat When is an alien not an alien?  When it’s just… alien.
Seed Bombs Aurora
Singing Workshop Darren and Suzanne A singing workshop, to learn roundel/ harmonies/ songs (with your actual lyrics) – depending on attendees’ preferences and abilities!  Probably not Swedish thrash metal, Jay – sorry about that.
Small Death Ceremony – (in two parts) Ian and Del
Spinning Liz Learn to spin thread from fleece by hand
Styx of Stroud – Morris Dancing Pam J Learn how to Morris Dance! Morris sticks and natty music provided.
Sunday Morning Storytime Suzanne Unwind after the hecticity: grab a chair and a coffee and listen to stories and poems.
Tarot Lara
Tree Walk Dave Dave’s now infamous guided tree walk.   Stout shoes people, you will need them
Wandmaking 3 fairies
Whose Life Is It Anyway? Spencer Self-realisation.
Witchcraft and Ritual Moira

PS: A schedule sheet for the camp should be available to download via this site around late June/July. Even then it may be subject to change, but it should give you a rough idea.


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