Lammas Camp 2014: The Rules


On arrival please report to the Welcome tent near the entrance to the camping field. There is, we admit, a moderately steep hill to climb in your vehicle to get into the camping field, which can be difficult in wet weather. It can get slidey. We (those of us who don’t have tiny flimsy hatchbacks, that is) will try our best to help you if need be.


There are no set pitches. Unfortunately we’re unable to save any spaces for anyone. The pitching is on a first-come-first-choice basis. If you want to camp next to your family/friends, you stand the best chance if you can arrive together. Also, be aware that some workshops may be noisy, so if you’re looking forward to a weekend of peace and calm tranquility, you’ll probably want to pitch further up the field and away from the ruckus. You know we party hard, oh yes.


There are two standpipes which supply cold water only. Please use these responsibly and be aware that the area around the taps may get very muddy. You may wish to bring your own… Actually, no: do bring your own drinking water.


The toilets are eco long-drop toilets. Draughty, but somehow strangely liberating…

Ahem.  Sorry.  What?  Oh, yes: also, we do supply two toilet tents on ground level for children and disabled people only. We also provide a urinal area for those suitably equipped. Please note there are no hand-washing facilities.

If you are using camping toilets, please use biodegradable toilet fluid and empty these into the long-drop toilets. Do NOT empty them in the hedgerows. Female urine upsets the ewes, and as we’re on someone’s farm, we don’t want to do that.

In fact, female or otherwise: don’t use the hedges as toilets, please.

Please leave all toilet areas in a clean condition, as you would wish to find them. If you miss your aim, please wipe the seats!


There are no showers or hot water. We have to leave your hygiene arrangements up to you.


Cars are parked at owners’ own risk. The organisers take no responsibility for any vehicle or the contents thereof. Nor does the landowner bear any responsibility. If you’re worried, please avoid parking near to temporary structures, or anything that might be expected to fall on your car if it’s windy (again). If you have to bring valuables and want to leave them in your car, please put them somewhere out of sight and make sure to lock the vehicle. The camp isn’t normally what you’d call a hotbed of crime, but, you know, good habits and all.


Children are welcome at the camp, but we have to set a few rules, because children.

Please be aware that there is uneven ground and a very steep cliff on the field beyond the camp area. You MUST NOT allow children to wander unsupervised anywhere outside the designated camping field.

In addition, please do not allow children to play on hay bales, in the farm yard or on any farm buildings or machinery. This is by the express wish of the landowner.


Dogs are also welcome but must be kept under control at all times. Remember there are children and livestock around.

All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the long-drop toilets. Eco bags will be available at the Welcome tent if required.

Please consider safety if tethering dogs on long leads, so we can avoid any trip hazards.

Do NOT approach other people’s dogs without the owner’s express permission. However much you might love dogs, they are animals and can be unpredictable, especially with people they don’t recognise.  Again, the organisers can’t be held responsible for your dog biting someone, or for you getting bit.


You are welcome to put a stall outside your tent free of charge. As with any other property, please remember that you are responsible for your own stall and any goods displayed on it. The organisers accept no liability for any loss, damage or theft.

General Behaviour

We know it probably doesn’t seem like it after all these rules, but believe it or not we do trust you. You’re sensible, decent people. We’re only saying all this because we have to.

But similarly, we also have to say this: if you engage in any aggressive or violent behaviour towards anyone, at all, no matter what you think your reasons are, we will throw you out. Right then and there.  No arguments or excuses will be accepted, and you won’t get any sort of refund.

Any disputes should be dealt with in a civil manner. If you have a problem and need any assistance or advice, please feel free to approach the camp crew.

First Aid and Injuries

We have qualified First Aiders on camp should you need them. Please go to the Welcome tent if you require help. We also have Health and Safety Officers should you require advice.


So, in short :

  • Be excellent to each other (dude).
  • Keep your area of the site pretty.
  • Respect the environment: make sure you take your rubbish home with you when you leave.
  • Look after your kids, pets, cars and stalls and stuff.

And, exhaling in relief after all those rules and regs and dos and don’ts, remember why we’re all going the first place.  It’s to:



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