“Witches are not by nature gregarious, at least with other witches, and they certainly don’t have leaders… Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the leaders they didn’t have.” – Terry Pratchett; Wyrd Sisters

We’re not all witches. But along the same lines, we don’t have one particular person who commands everyone’s attention all the time.  If you’d like to drop us a line about any aspect of paganism, or would like to come along to a monthly moot, or festival, then drop us an e-mail through the ‘Contact Us’ address and we’ll happily tell you stuff 🙂

Website Looker-Afterers:

If you’d like to submit any content or ideas for the site – or constructive comments (we are delicate souls after all, assuming a soul at all, but that’s a different debate) – please email Tiro initially, and we’ll add more contacts as we build the site.


(Please note that unless otherwise stated sites linked here are the property of their respective owners/operators and we are not responsible for their content or availability. Ta.)

Here are some of the groups which are in neigbouring counties:  If you pass through them at any point, give them a shout and say ‘Hail Neighbour!’ just kidding – but you can if you want to 🙂

Staffordshire – Staffs Pagan Retreat

South Yorkshire  Sheffield Pagans,

Nottinghamshire The Empyrean

Warwickshire Wicce Open Circle, Nuneaton

Cheshire Chester  and Cheshire Pagans

Leicestershire Leicestershire Pagans

Greater Manchester (links pending)

If you happen to be within the Civil Service or Police (or have been), then pootle along to the Police Pagan Association website.  it’s only just starting up 🙂


Curious Goods, The Shambles, Chesterfield (Map only as the shop doesn’t operate a website)

Airy Fairy, London Road, Sheffield

Hippypottermouse, The Corn Exchange, Leeds – last seen there, but now presumably elsewhere…

The Friendly Dragon, The Piece Hall, Halifax (Website currently poorlysick, but linked in any case as it may get better)

The Creaky Cauldron, Stratford Upon Avon

Less Local…! (A Californian site dealing in statuary and jewellery  for many traditions)

Some interesting and useful links submitted by Lizzie which she’d like to share with everyone:

Pooktre Tree Shapers

A site maintained by two artistic tree-shapers, and…

A site to help find shaped trees.

Online groups mentioned by Lizzie in Jan 2010 for drumming, and the Nottingham Goddess Group can be found at:

Just search for Nottingham from the site.

Some sites for visitors to Glastonbury:

The Chalice Well Trust
The Library of Avalon
The Goddess Temple

An online store and information site dealing with the use of crystals in healing and transformation:

StoneAge, Glastonbury

Artwork by Jan Billings (silk painting) and Rachel Reilly (wirework jewellery):

Facets of Avalon

Meeting/events venue with Internet cafe:

The Assembly Rooms

The best spelt bread that Lizzie’s ever had (so we’re told!):

Burns The Bread

Other useful links for Glastonbury: