A New Old Moot Place!

The great cycles of life. The patterns of… erm… thing. You know. The Ciiiii-rcle of Liiiiiife! (And now that song’s stuck in your head, and you’re entirely welcome.)

Some of you may recall that once upon a dream the Chesterfield Pagans would meet at the New Inn at Hasland, before circumstances happened and we moved across the road to The Lodge.

Well, as these funny old things will be, circumstances have happened again, and our new moot spot will be The Three Cottages, formerly The New Inn, across the road from The Lodge.


One day, all these pubs will be yours. Except Europa. Attempt no landings there. I may have mixed my movies there a bit.

The short version of all this is that our moots have moved. And in order to keep things as roughly the same as they are, for ease of adjustment, we’re now going to be meeting at:

The Three Cottages
229 Mansfield Rd, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0JJ
01246 273727

And you can click HERE for a Google map of the location.

The next moot is 11 April 2017 at 19:30 at the above. We hope to see you there!


Rhubarb Farm: a social initiative

You may or may not not know that on the border of our fair county lies a very special farming project. Rhubarb Farm serves areas where poverty, high unemployment and deprivation are deeply entrenched in the local communities.  It is run with the help of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds, from recovering substance abusers, to people with long term mental health issues, ex-offenders, those on work placement, people with learning disabilities or those who want to just learn how to grow vegetables.

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New Zealand moonrise

This is for all our lovely international readers, and especially for Magpie, who told us all about it at the Imbolc ritual on Friday last.

It’s a real-time video from visual effects artist Mark Gee, and lasts about 3 minutes, showing the rise of the moon from Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand on Jan 28th of this year.

The Herb Garden – now open

Gentle folks, I’d like to tell you about a place I came across only recently.  As its now past the Charming of the Plow and into the growing season, you might just be looking for some new plant type additions to your gardens. You might try The Herb Garden, which has display gardens, plants and local handicraft items for sale.  There’s also a tea rooms on site with homemade cakes 🙂

You might think: why choose this particular plant procuring place over others?  well, being socially responsible pagans, this garden centre and tea rooms are a social enterprise and part of the Enable group, which provides housing, care and support for people with learning difficulties in the Derbyshire area.
So go pay them a visit, browse new plants and have a cuppa and a piece of homemade cake if you have a moment free, the address is:

The Herb Garden and Tea Rooms, Hardstoft, Pilsley, Chesterfield, S45 8AH

It’s open 14th March – 15th September 9.30am – 4.30pm Wednesday to Sunday

Ta muchly 🙂

Hail to you, fair Lady of Spring

The recent sun has meant that Tiro and I have been able to spontaneously go out into the world to look at the seasons change and not get our fingers frozen off.  With the recent unseasonably hot weather, the cold of winter seems more than just a few short weeks ago.
But onwards! to the pictures: our first ramble was a three hour trundle up to Robin Hoods Stride, encompassing the nearby, but less visited Nine Stones Close:

robin hoods stride1

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