Did you know? Witchipedia

Lovely folks,

Did you know about a lovely free online encyclopedia made just for us pagan and occult types?  It’s called Witchipedia, and you can find it HERE so head on over and browse through their content, ask a question, or answer someone elses!  Add to their articles or create ones of your own, find answers to your research questions or just generally  have a browse round.


Samhain Greetings

Hail to you and your ancestors and spirits this Samhain day (and night!) stepping into the dark half of the year, with as much reverence for the blustery, wet and cold days of autumn leaves, as our appreciation of the first flowers of Spring, or Summer’s colourful extravagance.  Sure, we might just need to dig out an extra jumper, and think to finding out exactly where our mittens went after last winter, but these wild days have a beauty of their own.


Now that you’ve all recovered from this years Lammas camp, Tiro and  I have something for you to think about.

Oceans cover over 2/3 of the surface of our planet, from shallow sandy beaches to deep arctic waters, life can be found going down into the Challenger Deep, 10,916 metres, which equates to 35,814 feet below us.  Water varies in temperature, salinity, density and chemical composition to provide the most variable habitat on the planet.

So: here’s where you get to have a think:

What do oceans mean to you?  Do you have a favourite memory of an ocean, visiting the seaside, or perhaps diving or fishing?  Do you feel a spiritual connection to salt water, or a liminality when on the shore?  A sense of ‘between places’?  Or is your connection to a marine animal?  Given the choice and capability would you live underwater, either in an adapted habitat or in open water?  Would you study marine biology or oceanography if given the opportunity?

Send your answers on a starfish, frilled shark tooth or alternatively, leave us a comment 🙂


Lovely folks, if you’re anything like us, you’re still recovering from the fabulousness that was this years Lammas Camp.  I have sunburn on my feet.  Just thought you might want to know…

Normal service of articles, news, snippets and discussions will be resumed shortly  🙂

Lammas Camp Ticket Deadline

Good folks:

If you’re planning on attending the splendiferous sparklyness that will be this years Lammas Camp, and you haven’t yet got your tickets – Contact Cherril asap. The deadline for tickets is a mere days away.  Get them in by the 22nd July folks.

Yes, even you folks living on pagan non-standard time.  Go get them booked- it’ll be one thing less to fret about, and you can take it off your list of things to do.

You can contact Cherril through her facebook page, which you can find through the Chesterfield Pagans facebook page.

Make sure you have a good read of the regulations for this year – even if you’ve been with us before, there’s some new useful stuff in there.

Highlights planned for this year include a ritual to thank Mother Earth.  If you would like to participate, please make sure you bring an offering that can be given to the fire, so no plastics or other non-burnable things.  There’s also going to be a labyrinth to dance before the handfasting, and workshops on a mighty breadth of topics from learning to spin yarn to pewter casting, animal guides to dream interpretation, crystals to sacred chanting,  plant spirit shamanism to gender, wrapping up with the goblin market and the Sunday morning storyteller.

Do be there, it’s going to be awesome – but make sure you get your tickets in first!