Lammas Camp: Grab Your Tickets!

Good folk, friends, peeps, mateys and bods. Summer is at its blistering (although slightly windy today) height, and we find ourselves barrelling exhilaratingly towards what scientists refer to as “The Bit With Lammas Camp In It”.

Are you planning to join us for Lammas Camp this year? ‘Course you are. It’s the event of the season. They all want to be there — celebs, Hollywood A-listers, rock stars, lords and ladies, barons, dukes and emperors… They all want in on this — but places are limited.

What are we to do?

Dinnae fash, as they say in ma dad’s auld haimtoun.

You — yes, you, you delicious seeker of wonders, you — have a chance to get in ahead of the crowd, and claim your place in the sun probably unless it thunders again but that’s fine too we’re nature lovers we can cope.

How to claim your place? Well, on the advice of the local constabulary, we’ve been advised that we can’t run another Hunger Games to winnow the applicants this year (oh, and by the way, whoever left the chakram behind after the last time, the police say we can’t have it back: they’re melting it down to turn into little statuettes of Sir Robert Peel for the annual divisional charity knick-knack sale).

Sorry to those who were looking forward to that. But this year we’ve found an even more effective approach, which we’re calling ‘tickets’. Basically, we have a number of specially designed pieces of paper, which you can buy, with money — no swordplay or mortal terror required — via the Morning Star Craft web page HERE. (Also, do consider buying sparkling dangly things from Morning Star Craft while you’re there.)

Get in quick. Stake your claim. There’s gold in them thar hills. That hill. There. Let’s all go and camp on it.


The Time of Mostest Light and Heat

The media would have you believe that today is the very first, bright and shiny day of summer. I’m not sure why the media have embraced this idea, given that they also accept this as Midsummer’s Day.

Astronomers will tell us – and they have PhDs and things, so it’d behove us to pay heed – that this day, today, is in fact the mid-point of the summer season. But on the other hand, astronomers tend to ignore spring and autumn, so can they really be said to know?

What we do know is that it’s the Time of Mostest Light and Heat – though of course this being Britain we can depend reliably on neither. It can also be a time of some wicked-awesome storms, flashing and banging all around the place and generally having a rumbunctious old time of it. We like a nice bit of drama here and there – just as long as Those In Charge could avoid too much of the old downpouration come Summer Camp time, plzta.

Water Summer Sky Green Nature Clouds Grass

In modern paganism there are many interpretations of the exact significance of this date; but most share the understanding that it is both a celebration of light, warmth and life at the very peak of the summer – the Earth is at Her most fruitful and vibrant; the Sun at His strongest and most passionate. It is a time of joy and energy and just sheer bloody zest (sometimes in summer I look out of the window for, oooh, minutes at a time).

Being aware of Nature and Her cycles, though, we’re also mindful of the fact that the high point of summer means the beginning of the gentle darkening: not discernible now, of course, but inevitably to follow in the months to come. There will be preparations to be done.

But for now, there is sunny weather (we hope); there is ice cream, there is tea on the lawn, and cricket, and flowers, and fluffy clouds and the trees show off their most dazzling emerald rainments and it all looks a bit gorj, frankly.

So have a ball, and a Jolly Happy Litha from us!

A New Old Moot Place!

The great cycles of life. The patterns of… erm… thing. You know. The Ciiiii-rcle of Liiiiiife! (And now that song’s stuck in your head, and you’re entirely welcome.)

Some of you may recall that once upon a dream the Chesterfield Pagans would meet at the New Inn at Hasland, before circumstances happened and we moved across the road to The Lodge.

Well, as these funny old things will be, circumstances have happened again, and our new moot spot will be The Three Cottages, formerly The New Inn, across the road from The Lodge.


One day, all these pubs will be yours. Except Europa. Attempt no landings there. I may have mixed my movies there a bit.

The short version of all this is that our moots have moved. And in order to keep things as roughly the same as they are, for ease of adjustment, we’re now going to be meeting at:

The Three Cottages
229 Mansfield Rd, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0JJ
01246 273727

And you can click HERE for a Google map of the location.

The next moot is 11 April 2017 at 19:30 at the above. We hope to see you there!

A Right Good Midwinter Knees-Up (Yule 2016)

Well, it’s coming up to that time of year, when it’s all dark and gloomy and cold, and it’s raining a lot, and, well, it’s 2016. And you might, under all those circumstances – especially that last one – be starting to feel as though the shine’s wearing off your day-to-day jollity and sparkliness.

What you need, dear reader, is a Right Good Midwinter Knees-Up to remind you that spring is just around the corner. Really. Earth only has to do another 188 million miles – even less by the time Yule comes around – and we’ll be welcoming the spring back.

While we wait, though, your friends at Chesterfield and Derbyshire Pagans will not be found wanting in the Midwinter Knees department, oh no they won’t.

(“Oh yes they will!”)

Oh NO, they WON’T. Now be said.

(“Boo! Hiss! Booooooo!”)

Bloody panto season.

Bring yourself along to Eyre Chapel on 17 December (2016), at 19:00 and enjoy frolics until midnight. There’ll be a ritual, along with music and drumming, even a spot of dancing if you’re feeling all rhythmically gyratory.

There’ll be a food share too, so consider bringing along a little something to throw into the mix if you can. (This isn’t a literal mix, by the way. It’s not like, bring sausage rolls and some iced buns and they’ll all get put in a blender or anything. That’d be odd.)

(Also, if you do bring stuff along, please do label whether it’s veggie-friendly or not.)

Also, also, also: if you dress up, you’ll have a chance to win tickets for the 2017 summer Lammas Camp. Worth a punt, I’d say.

If you’d like more information you can check out the Facebook page HERE.


Tickets! Lammas Camp Tickets!

Today – if our maths doesn’t fail us – is twelve weeks exactly to the beginning of this year’s Chesterfield/Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp.

That’s happening 04-07 August this year, which means this is the ideal time for you to grab your tickets, if you haven’t already done so. Don’t be lulled by the time to go: twelve weeks’ll fly by, and there’s a limited number of tickets, so get ’em while they’re hot (they’re lovely).

Tickets are available either online HERE, or can be got at in person by turning up at moots (Telmere Lodge, Hasland, second Tuesday of the month, all welcome), or at the drumming nights (Eyre Chapel, Newbold, all welcome) and going “I want camp tickets!”. Someone will sell you some.

Prices are on the above application form, but an adult ticket for the full weekend is just twenty shiny pounds of the realm. That gets you access to a long weekend of drumming, dancing, workshops, talks and stalls set in the wide open countryside of Kniveton (views and sunsets provided free of charge if Those In Charge Of Weather are feeling generous. Or possibly lovely refreshing summer rain, which has after all been known).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Yule Festivities

Friends, pagans, friendly non-pagans, those of an interested bent – or better still, of an interesting bent, fnerk – please lend us your winter-weary peepers for a moment or two, as we declare the announcement of the Yule Bash for 2015.

The aforementioned frolics will take place at the Eyre Chapel in Newbold at 19:30 hours (that’s half past seven in the evening), on the 19 December. In 2015. That’s this year – so, ooh! Not far to go, yay!

Many of you will be familiar with the venue, but if not, it’s the chapel behind the Nag’s Head pub off the B6051 Newbold Road in Chesterfield. If you’re sat-navving, the postcode is S41 8RJ.  Just go up the side of the pub and you’ll find a car park with some gates at the far end. Beyond those gates is another car park, for parking. Then, out of car, follow the path with the twinkly lights twinkly twinkly – and then: revels and merriment.

There will be a ritual, handfasting – and it’s open season on entertaining turns. If you have a talent (family friendly, for preference), and would like to flaunt it brazenly in front of everyone, we’d love to see it, so please let us know.

Elsewise, we’ll see you there. :o)