Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a good few out there already, some of them even with answers that are detailed and balanced.  Here are a few of the questions that we get asked the most – generally from members of the public who sidle up to us in a quiet moment and ask, ‘but don’t you…?’  If you’re thinking that you might have a good few things in common with pagans, or know someone who’s leaning that way that you’re concerned about, relax, to be concerned about your friends, family or yourself is only a good thing, it shows you care.  Most folks know that what they know about paganism isn’t right, but don’t know what exactly is, so here are a few of the golden oldies:

We hope these help to be going on with. If you are pagan and have come across a question that non-pagans have asked you about paganism, please send it in, and we’ll put it here, together with your response!  If you’d like to add your response to these questions, e-mail or tell us and we’ll add it.  Conversely if you are a non-pagan and have questions, just e-mail us and we’ll do our best to answer 🙂


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