The Lurkers’ Corner

No, it’s fine. We’re not making any reference to your individual hobbies, personal proclivities, or anything like that. Any lurking you do outside the confines of this site is entirely your own affair.

No, we’re referring to the lurking that people do when they arrive on a website or forum and don’t feel inclined to ‘put themselves forward’ (as people might have said in elder days – or I might still say because I’m just one big anachronism). People are polite: they don’t really want to just dive in straight away. They want to test the water. Survey the ground. Scan the skies. Lay their plans against us. That sort of thing.

Or it could be that they’re just anti-social and hate people.

For the latter, there’s little we can do save point out that we are, in fact, almost insufferably lovely, each in our own unique way. For the former, though, there’s a world continent island village snooker table of info whole load of stuff we can tell you, if you’d only let us know what you’re looking for. What? You want the full breadth and depth of our knowledge laid out in convenient, catalogued and fully referenced form, like a dedicated pagan Wikipedia?

Hell’s bells.

You could start with our FAQ, there’s a link below, or we have a pagan basics series currently running at one post a month around the 15th.  If you want to look at past basics posts, you can do a search for the tag ‘basics’ in the right-hand sidebar.  Your other alternative is to drop us an e-mail, and we’ll tell you what we know about what you want to know… of course, if we don’t know, we’ll take your question to a moot, and someone there is bound to know.  All clear?!

Would you settle for an idiosyncratically organised list of stuff we happen to know?

Oh, good. Here’s our Frequently Asked Questions list, then.


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