Orkney 2010, Day 7

Our last day before heading back.  We call at the Italian Chapel, across the Churchill Barriers on Lambholm just in time to see a wedding party arrive for their ceremony.  The best we save until last: the Burnt Mound House and the Tomb of the Eagles on South Ronaldsay.  They’re both close together, the Burnt Mound house has a stone flag floor, a well with running water off to the right and a method for disposing of waste water to the centre of the pictures.  The Tomb is accessible only through a short passage, which is too small even to stoop through.  Instead there’s a flat board with wheels and overhead rope that you can use to propel yourself through, or a box of kneepads if you’d prefer.  Neither method is very graceful.   Once inside the first thing you notice is the sound.  As we’ve spent a week here in Orkney, our constant companion has been the wind.  Windy and sunny, windy and rainy, windy and windy, always the wind.  Here inside the tomb it’s silent.  It doesn’t even gust through the low passageway.  Inside there are several smaller side passages, which even I can’t get down, but my camera can.  An amazing end to an amazing holiday.


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