Orkney 2010, Day 5

We start the day at the bird watching spot of Yesnaby Cliffs.  Didn’t see many birds.  Maeshowe before lunch, we were asked not to take photos inside, so there’s only a shot of the outside mound and surrounding bank and ditch.  Even though the site is strictly Neolithic, there’s a certain group of Norse people who came in for a look around, and left the largest collection of viking graffiti, both in words and the wonderfully surreal Maeshowe Dragon.  For me the place was profoundly spiritual.  Standing inside, I could reach out my hand and feel the texture of the letters scraped into the stone.  No, no it’s alright, I just have something in my eye.  A memory which will stay with me for a very long time to come.  Headed back to the the Stones of Steness and Ring of Brodgar on a damp drizzly evening.  Even squelching across the muddy ground to take photos of solid stones in the insubstantial landscape couldn’t dampen my mood.


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