Orkney 2010, Day 2

Sunday and we’re raring to go, we start with a morning walk at the nearby Scapa bay ( thought to be honest, everything pretty much counts as nearby…) Then onto my first look at an Orknet stone circle – the Stones of Steness at the entrance to the Ness of Brodgar penninsula.  The nearby Ring of Brodgar was next, with around 30 stones standing from an original 70-ish.  Seventy stones.  Even the circles up at Cumbria look small in comparison.  Crawling with tourists and the place was still inspiring.  Not content with the awesomeness of two stone circles in a day, we headed for the Neolithic village of Skara Brae, which considering it’s age, is beautifully preserved.  The Orkneyinga Saga Centre merited a quick visit, followed by the Round Church and the Earls Bú at Orphir.  It’s our first full day here and we’ve covered so much already.


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