Past Site Headers

One of the things that Amalasuntha and I enjoy about maintaining this site is the ability to add custom headers.  This is a feature available on many (though not all) WordPress blog themes: each theme has different size requirements for custom headers and will result in different effects.  The current theme – called ‘Mistylook’ by a contributor called Sadish – provides a reliably reliable background for adding all sort of piccies to.

(I know, I know…  If I actually put my money where my mouth is and hand-coded the site from scratch, we could customise anything we wanted.  Well, you have a choice, dear readers: you can either have a site hand-crafted by me, or you can have a site that’s tidy and readable…)

Still, we rather like tweaking the headers.  It’s a bit of a highlight.  Which is why the header image tends to change every few minutes.

Some of the header images we’ve used have been composites, some simple photos that Amalasuntha or I have taken, and some have been nick borrowed from the ever-bountiful Internet.

We thought, if you have nothing better to do for a few minutes, you might like to have a gentle peruse of some of our past site headers.  Here they are:


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