Freshly brewed coffee and warm buttered toast,
Home baked apple pie and Sunday lunch roast.
Kashmiri curry all fruity and spice,
Coriander and cloves and nutmeg so nice.
Tomatoes and basil in mixed salad bowl
With garlic and butter on sumptuous bread roll.

Chrysanthemum, bluebells, lavender, roses,
Chamomile, jasmine and white stephanotis,
Rosemary, tarragon, wild honeysuckle,
Pine resin and grasses, which make your nose chuckle.
Violet posies and gentle heartsease
And any sweet flower attractive to bees.

Soaps in the bathroom, freshly washed sink,
Shampoos and cleansers and toothpaste, I think.
With incense, air fresheners and bleach in the home,
Surrounded by smells you are never alone.
Wet dog and cars are not quite so pleasant,
Nor is the odour of week-old hung pheasant.

Car exhausts, sewerage and burning hot rubber,
Compost heaps, dog poo and rotting whale blubber,
To go with the nice smells, there has to be bad,
But there’s more of the former, for which I am glad.
So hurrah for the seaside and smell of the ocean,
For perfumes and potions and sweet body lotion.


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