I’m eclectic in my beliefs and practice.  I first felt my own spirituality as a teenager walking most weekends in the White and Dark Peak.  Since then, I’ve spent twenty five years exploring meditation and Taoist energy-arts.  I do a weekly walk in North East Derbyshire to connect with our local flora, fauna and nature spirits, and am beginning to find wonderful examples of oak, ash and rowan along the way.  I’ve also started finding and using new ‘sacred sites’ for the purpose of healing rituals, escpecially for the land itself.  If you’re interested in crystals, I import and sell some at, I can deliver free to moots and drumming nights, any requests and I’ll do my best to find them 🙂  If you know about or use Iolite, please get in touch via the website.

I’m currently working on energy development in a ritualistic and practical way at local megalithic sites.  The closest circle is on East Moor above Holymoorside.  Also there’s a group on where you can post photos and join in discussion on Derbyshire circles and standing stones:


4 thoughts on “Peter

  1. Hi Peter
    What is so special for you about Iolite? I know it is blue-ish in colour and different colours depending what direction you look at it, but that’s all! Is your interest geological, as a collector, ritual or something wlse? I’m intrigued :o)

  2. Hello Peter, I tried to contact you before but didn’t get a reply. I have some info on Iolite and could bring it to the monthly moot if we can arrange a date when we will both be there.
    Blessed Be. NewboldWitch

  3. Sorry Peter, my spelling seems to have gone to pot today,

    my user name is NewboldWitch not as mispelled in my first message.

    I think my computer is taking over as I’m taking great care with my typing but it still keeps flagging up strange words.

    Maybe the full moon tonight is too powerful. BB.

  4. Its me again Peter, my first message has disappeared from your web page. It said that I have info on Iolite and can bring it to the moot if you contact me about when you will be there.

    Blessed Be. NewboldWitch.

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