Member D

I believe in a universal force rather than a deity.  Energy runs through everything and in everything and connects everything together.  I don’t do a lot of preparations for my own rituals, it’s mostly prepared in my head beforehand.  if I want to do something spiritual I will use a meditation to become more aware of my own connectedness, I don’t use a lot of tools.  I will generally go outside to perform my own rituals, unless it’s raining or cold, when inside will do just fine.  I don’t have a set time to do a ritual, it’s when it feels right for me, it’s more to do with the intent behind the ritual rather than laboriously taking the time to plan out every detail beforehand.  If the ritual is planned out, then the energies may not be quite right when you undertake the ritual, so I do mine when it feels right to do them.  if I feel I want to emphasise a particular part, I may use my finger to point and raise my voice.  The words I use come spontaneously from inside, rather than from a book.

Occasionally I will light a candle to lift my mood.  I practice reiki, both for myself and for others.  I can use reiki over distance, or in person.  I feel drawn to the south quarter during rituals, it feels happy to me.  I don’t call quarters for my own rituals, sometimes I use smudge sticks to clear the house, or incense, then I use a little reiki to help keep it clean.


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