I work with a group of deities from different pantheons, namely Freya, Hecate, Ceridwen, Herne and Odin/Wotan, I don’t see them as people, they are a name for what I can see.

I call the Moon the Lady and the Earth, Mother, I focus on these and the Sun, the living elements and the names connected with them to focus on what I need at any particular time.  I may sit by a river, pick up a stone and focus on the salmon of knowledge and Ceridwen before I give the stone back to the river.  My personal rituals are spontaneous actions and words which feel right at that particular time.    I do keep notes of good spiritual memories, or a particular prayer, saying or ritual words that I come across in a special book, but most personal rituals are spur of the moment.  I work a lot with Divas, the energy of trees, I have particularly good connections to oak, ash and hazel.  I forage for fallen sacred wood and will use that in personal rituals.  I will also work with the moon if it feels right to do it.

I grow a lot of herbs in my garden, and a lot of useful plants.  I also like making things, not only in a craft sense, but also natural remedies for friends and family. I have many tools bought over the years, but I don’t use any of them on a regular basis in ritual!  If I want to cast a circle I will find things which are right for that time, so I might end up with a pebble, a feather and a pine cone at the centre of my circle.  I am very respectful of all forms of deity, for me they are all the same energies which people know by different names.  I smudge my house regularly, and love having inscense lit, I really like the energies that different smells bring.

I do a lot of shamanic journeying and drumming trance work and work well with my totems of turtle and galapagos island tortoise.  I occasionally use quartz, but no other crystals in my workings,  I am also  trained as a Reiki Master teacher and send distance reiki every day to those who need.


4 thoughts on “Gwen

  1. Hi Gwen, my name’s Claire and I am exploring a pagan life through Wicca. I am extremely new to this and would love to meet others who can help me on my journey. As it is a new moon I felt now is the time to do something as trying to be solitary is proving challenging. I would appreciate any guidance , I live in chesterfield.

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