Cherill & Simon

Do you follow or focus on any particular deity?

We work with elements more than deities. We do call on deities for specific things, if we’re spellweaving; though we do most of our work with elements. Cherill asks them for a lot, but she usually gets it!

Do you talk to the elements/elementals every day?

Yes, all the time.  We now venture out into journeying and talk to spirit/ power animals.

Do you do any preparation for ritual?

Cherill: If I’m doing a ritual, then yes, I do prepare myself mentally. If I have the time I might take a ritual bath, though not always. We don’t go by the book really, we do what feels right. That’s the key. When I’m walking around I might just stop and talk to the wind for half an hour; whatever takes my fancy. When it’s right, I’ll do it.

Do you have particular things in your home?

We have an altar on which we keep symbols of the elements. We normally use earth, but at the moment we have salt. There’s also spring water and a small candle for south, and for air we have incense. We call the elements using those; we also have crystals to correspond to the elements. We have God and Goddess candles. We light the God candle first, asking the God for protection, and then the Goddess; and then we would cast the circle and call on the elements.

We have a portable altar which we take out, especially when camping.  We keep it in a box and have everything we would use but scaled down.  Elemental and altar candles, athame, ritual plate, smudge sticks, altar cloth, salt, bottle of spring water.  If we can collect it naturally, we do, if not it’s bottled spring water.  We also have a chalice for outdoor work.

A lot of people do spellweaving with candles, mirrors and scrying; our spellwork is mostly candles and knots, depending on what it’s for. We like candle spells because they’re something you can easily destroy or reincorporate. [Cherill:] I just like what I like!

We are now doing a lot of healing work, Simon does crystal healing, whilst Cherril does Aura healing, which is quite like Reiki but not quite as intense.

We use wands a lot; we use them to draw the circle. A holly wand, never anything else for the circle. [Cherill:] If healing, I use a hazel wand, and if I want to contact ancestors then I use a yew wand. Wands of every tree, really! Whatever fits at the time: each tree has its own characteristics and benefits. If I need to do a spell for something I use a particular wand, and ask each element on the point of the wand.

Are you members of a coven?

No. We do rituals with other paths, like druids and so forth, but we’re not part of any coven. We have both started looking into shamanism recently, We mostly work with power animals and journeying to drum.  Cherril has power animals of wolf, butterfly, otter and robin.  Simon has journeyed for Wolf and Mountain Lion so far.

We started out on our path from the wiccan angle, but as we have grown and learned we have now decided that we are old craft eclectic which covers just about everything and anything!