Our Members

Just because paganism is such a tricky notion to explain properly – at least in less than 20,000 words – we’ve asked some of our members to tell you a little about themselves, their beliefs and practices, and their favourite colour. Possibly.  Whatever they like, really, just to give you a flavour of how diverse our group is.  We are all pretty much tolerant of the person who might happen to be sitting next to us, on account of the fact that they will most probably hold entirely different practices to our own.  If you read all these and don’t find anything that exactly matches you, and are all worrified about the fact that you do things differently, don’t be: no two of our members hold precisely – or even vaguely – the same views and practices, and if we do find something we happen to agree on, it’s usually entirely coincidental.  And yet…

… we all do have such a deep appreciation for cake.

So here’s one or two members’ practices and views to get you started.


6 thoughts on “Our Members

  1. Hi Tiro, is there nothing you can do to speed up the picture download? My system is compatible, the other day I was called away and the pictures had miraculously appeared when I returned. I don’t usually have a problem with pics on e-mail, so I don’t think its my computer.

    Today, after several minutes, there is no sign of even the header photo on any of the pages. I guess Amalasuntha has been out with her amera again. When they do arrive, the pictures are stunning.

    The header has just appeared on this page after about ten muinutes, when its usually there on boot-up. I’ll now go back to home page to see if the other Walton dam walk pics have arrived.

  2. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Tiro is thussly looking puzzled, though that could just be because for him it’s still really early on a Saturday morning…
    We make the pictures as small as possible file size wise, so that they appear as quickly as – so we’re a bit stumped. WordPress can be a mite slow to display things, however it’s one of the nicer blogging sites to use 🙂 When Tiro’s brain works itself up to full speed, I’ll ask him to investgate things and see if we can do anything 🙂

    • Merry meet, I was wondering if you fellow pagans can help me become part of a group in my Local area. I live in ***** and was made aware of your site from former High Druid of Derbyshire. I have a family that have firm beliefs in Druidism and I wish to expand my knowledge.

      • Hail and Welcome Aaron,

        We’ll send you a e-mail with some details on in the next few minutes 🙂

        Chesterfield Pagans Webmasters

  3. Hale webmasters, I’ve been away for two weeks and when I logged on this morning there was INSTANT pictures. I’ve not done anything to my computer, so perhaps it just needed a rest, I do have it on a lot. Perhaps the machines are really taking over and it was just trying to tell me something about my sad habits.

    See you at drumming 1st April. Hale and farewell.

  4. Hi
    how are you .

    Just thught we’d let you know were offering another chance to make your own frame drum in May if you would be so good t put it on the web site for us.
    Thanks Pat & Del



    A chance to make your own Shamanic Frame Drum.

    Drums are made from Red Deer skin and are 15“.

    In making your own Drum you can create it with a defined purpose in mind. Add your own intensions and energies . Personalise your Drum to your needs.

    The workshop will be A full day ending with a small ceremony to consecrate your new Drum.

    Cost £130 including all Materials, Lunch Provided
    1 0 places avalable

    For further Details contact
    Pat Dunnicliffe , Del Woods
    Tel 01332 880984
    E-Mail dunnwooddrums@live.com

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