Talks and Presentations

Every now and then over the eons, one of our members will stand up in front of everyone and give a bit of a presentation on a subject close to their hearts, or about which they’re particularly knowledgeable, or which they’ve just started learning about and are all fired up with enthusiasm.  Whatever the reason, most of the time they’ll have some notes – or even a full-on script – to work from, and it’s been suggested that we start putting up a few of these for posterity’s sake.  Actually, that’s maybe not the right word.  You don’t have to be dead to do posterity, do you?  Well, whatever the word is for “so people can look back at them afterwards”, that’s what we’re going for here.

So, since it’s the closest to hand from my computer, I’ll start by putting up my last one, which is of the ‘pretty much entirely written out in advance’ school.  If you, dear reader, have any notes or documents from presentations of your own, please let me know and we’ll get them stored here for you.


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