Yule Blessings

Hail to you this Yuletide morning!


The heart of Yule is evergreen, a time to hail the return of the sun.  These cold days provide us with the best the winter colours have to offer, soft greys, golds, muted browns and cool light from the winter sun, bringing delicate frosts, ice that crunches, red berries and colourful winter birds.

A time for wrapping up warm and taking care outside, but also a time to celebrate and anticipate the return of the light.  The Shortest Day is here! A time for lighting candles against the darkness, yule logs (either the kind you burn to keep warm, or the chocolate kind you eat.  Both are good :)) bright evergreen branches brought into the home, of holly, pine or mistletoe.  A time for celebrating with people, whether you call it Yule, Jul, Christmas or something else, most folks celebrate a midwinter festival of some kind.

Take care of yourself over these cold days, but also take care of your neighbours, watch over your community and offer to help those who might just need a little extra help through winter.


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