Samhain Tidings

Hail to you and yours this Samhain morning!



Dance the dance of the dying days, it’s time for the third harvest of this year, Samhain.  A time when livestock was traditionally culled to give meat for the winter and leave enough herd members to live on the limited stocks of feed until next Spring.

A time of ancestors and families, a time for grief and reflection over those who no longer walk with us.  Take time to honour those who are passed in your own way.  Write them a letter, buy them a beer, go to their favourite place and spend time.  Remember them as they were, and what they meant to you.  Wear something that reminds you of them, or connect with others that knew them and remember together.


2 thoughts on “Samhain Tidings

  1. Our Samhain ritual at Eyre Chapel last Saturday night was awesome. Lots of people came. Great atmosphere. The ancestors were truly honoured in the ritual.

    • Hi, Cherill. That’s great to hear – I’m glad it was successful. 🙂 If ever you’d like us to put the word out about an upcoming event just nod us a wink of the hat and we’ll gladly put up a post on here for you. 😛

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