Lughs…Lunhg…Happy Lammas!

Hail to you and yours this Lughnasadh, may this Lammas be a bountiful harvest for you and your neighbours 🙂


A time of the grain harvest, to see the fuits of your labours.  Not to sit back and rest, but to renew your focus and reap what you have spent the season creating.  A time of thankfullness to the land and all that worked in harmony with you to make this possible.  Find a little time today to thank those who worked alongside you and have enabled you to get to this point.  Not all of us can literally harvest grain that we have worked to produce, nor have the time or mad skills to bake bread in shape of a harvest sheaf, or make a corn dolly and offer it back to the land, but we to have time to be thankful for the good things in our lives, and to celebrate the turning of the wheel with everything in its timely place.



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