Moot Reminder

Lovely folks,

A gentle reminder that it’s nearly moot time again!  The next Chesterfield moot will be this coming Tuesday, at the function room, Telmere Lodge, Mansfield Road, Chesterfield S41 0JH.  Their website is HERE

The Telmere also do food, so you are welcome to turn up early and sample their menu 🙂

It’ll be my first time coming to a moot, help!
If you’ve not been before, we’re a friendly bunch, and you’ll find the function room double doors right at the end of the bar.  There are some small steps to negotiate to get to the pub entrance, and car parking is available on site.  You can always send us a message or comment beforehand, and we can look out for you.

Hope to see you there!


4 thoughts on “Moot Reminder

  1. Hi we are interested in coming to your next moot 😀 I understand it at the telomere pub but can you give me the time pls xx thank you and look forward to seeing you there.
    Dawn and Paul hardstaff. Xxx

    • Hail Dawn and Paul,
      Wonderful! The moot officially starts at 7.30pm, but some of us arrive early to sample the delights of the pie night menu, so there’s usually folks around from 7pm ish.
      See you then,
      In Frith

      Suzanne and Cat,
      Chesterfield Pagans Webmasters

  2. hi, im new to this page and would like to know when the next even or something is so i can meet others and learn more , thank you

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