Samhain Ritual and Celebration 2015

It’s getting dark out there.  The leaves are going their shiny bronzey-gold-y sort of shades, and it’s all getting very autumnal. Some might even say it’s nudging towards the wintery bit.  And with the grain and the fruit harvests safely gathered in, the livestock start looking a bit edgy.

And our thoughts turn traditionally towards reflection on the fading year, the things that are ending, and those who have moved on to other realms, and we may perhaps think, “Damn, but it’s gloomy. Shall we have a knees up?”

Samhain – Summer’s End – the Third Harvest.  It’s a time of sober contemplation, of due attention paid to the ancestors, and for the parting of ways.  It’s a time of preparation for the deepest, darkest winter still to come.  But it’s also a time of warmth and comfort: of closeness to our friends and family still with us, of hope and inspiration, and a time to renew connections we might have lost.

With all that in mind, then. Chesterfield Pagans would like to announce our forthcoming Right Good Old Samhain Bash.

Please feel free to join us, beginning at 19:30 hours on 30 October 2015, at the Eyre Chapel in Newbold, Chesterfield – behind the Nag’s Head pub off Newbold Road. The postcode, for them using the satellitey steering magics, is S41 8RJ.

We intend – should weather allow it – to begin with an outdoor ritual to mark the Turn of the Wheel and to honour the ancestors (inside if sloshing down, blowing a gale or just too cold).  After the ritual, the party.  There will be a fancy dress competition, a pumpkin-carving competition (adult and child sections in both competitions), and a food share – bring a little something along if you’d like to participate; it needn’t be big or expensive.

There will be drumming during the ritual, so playable-while-standing-up drums suggested – and no doubt afterwards as well.

Let us know via the comments system if you’ve any queries, or visit the Facebook page HERE if you prefer.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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