A walk at Froggatt Edge/ Chatsworth Park

A few days ago your web team got let out for a bit of a walk in the countryside.  Being a favourite pastime of ours, we thought we’d share some of our piccies from the day: dandelion

On the path walking up to Froggatt Edge proper, we saw Dandelion clocks ready to go,


Fat bees darting about the thistles,


The path curved up and up again,


Past mighty slabs of rock warming in the afternoon sun




Until we walked the edge itself, between rock and air, stretching out across the clouds and fields.  A crow warmed itself before leaping off into the air to soar on the current.

We also spent some time at Chatsworth Park, the acres of managed grasslands surrounding Chatsworth House, and were lucky enough to catch sight of part of the herd of Fallow Deer across the river under the trees.


grazing quietly in the early evening light,deer2


there were a good number of fawns to be seenfawn

and one old oak, bare branches stark against the green.tree



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