Call the Quarters: Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo…

Pagansim as a whole is a collective set of beliefs which can vary greatly.  Some individuals are historically reconstructionist, others base their understandings on the principles of human beings, such as Gardner, Cunningham or Restall Orr.  Recently there has been a new wave of paganism, that based not on the teachings of physical people or historical or archaeological record, but that based on popular culture.  Practitioners of this new form include Jude Reich and Taylor Elwood, author of Pop Culture Magick in 2008, who said “The truly flexible magician is one who adapts with the times”

You can read more about the phenomenon HERE , a guide to the basics HERE and a discussion on whether this involves pagans creating deity HERE

So: Discussion Time: what do you think of the adoption of Pop Culture practice?  Is it cultural appropriation a step too far, or could you see yourself using familiar pop culture references to achieve the same connections?  If you are of a path that you consider historical, does current pop culture hold the same weight as your own practice, or is the fact that popular culture is so changeable a factor in your decisions?  Would you regard this as a fake form of paganism, or can spirituality be found in animated cartoons?  If you would consider it, is there anything that you would consider a step too far?  Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Charmed?  Harry Potter? or an animated series such as Steven Universe?


One thought on “Call the Quarters: Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Trujillo…

  1. As I read the links to this post, I found that I was visualising all the pop culture references, literature characters, ancient myths and stories as joining together and heading into an astronomical type black hole. As I watched, mesmerised, I saw it all come out at the other side in one single form, the only word ringing in my mind was MOTHER. I felt that the most ancient deity of early mankind, who was recognised as the Creator of all things and at the beginning of Homo sapiens the only figure to be honoured, was The Mother. There was no worshiping as in the modern sense, only a profound gratitude that there was something responsible for the creation of everything in existence. I feel that ultimately this is the power we all tap in to, what ever form we visualise it, so as long as modern philosophy links back (re-ligion) to the origin of all things without subversive elements, then it doesn’t matter what appellations are given to the energy or how it is seen by modern youth. There will always need to be a balance between positive and negative forces and as long as the trend is towards the positive then all will be well and life and culture will continue to evolve towards the goal created at the beginning of time. Blessed Be.

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