Lammas Camp

Just in case you’ve just woken up from winter hibernation, Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp is nearly upon us!  Get your tickets in people!  Like last year, there are no gate sales this year.  The dates are:

Camp opens: 2pm Thursday 30th July 2015.  Please do not arrive earlier than 2pm as you will not be allowed access to the site.

Camp closes: 2pm Sunday 2nd August 2015.  Please ensure you are offsite by 2pm.

Be sure to refresh your understanding of the rules and regs before you arrive, to prevent any misunderstandings.  As usual there will be plenty of Crew about to answer any questions you might have.  There’ll always be at least one Crew member at the welcome tent at the gate to the camping field throughout the days, and others will be out and about.  Crew can be easily identified due to their lanyards and ID badges 🙂  If you have a query, question, want to know what’s on, or need first aid assistance, please either make your way to the welcome tent, or alert a Crew member, and Crew will be there to help you.

If you would like to pitch up nearby to family or friends, please ensure that you arrive together!  Crew, or you our lovely guests, cannot save pitches for anyone else.  This is so that the camping space available is fair for everyone.  Unless you have agreed otherwise (only with Cherril!) then please take any cars from the camping field after you have pitched.  We’ve got a fair few of you lovely people coming this year, and we’d like to fit in as many as possible 🙂  many of us are pagans, we should all have respect for each other and the environment we are lucky enough to share.

If you don’t let the Crew know you have a problem or a difficulty, we can’t help you.  Letting us know a week or fortnight afterwards means that we can’t help resolve it there and then, and ensure that everyone has a fabulous sparkly time at camp. 

We have the return of the wonderful RJS Caterers from last year, so expect a goodly selection of items available for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or anytime through the day if you’re working on pagan time :))

There’ll be a confirmed list of workshops, discusssions, demonstrations and lectures here soon, but expect the return of some old favourites, and the appearance of some new stuffs!


Get your tickets in person from Cherill at the next Chesterfield moot, or fill in the form on the rules and regs page, and send it off by post or e-mail 🙂


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