Yule Reminder

Fab folks, just a gentle reminder that our Yule celebrations are fast approaching! If you haven’t quite got your pagan time in gear yet, then here are the details:

On: 19th December

Arrive: 6.30pm for a 7pm prompt ritual start. (on account of we don’t want to delay the good celebratin’ time :))  Mind you, if you arrive at 6.30 prompt, you might get roped into putting chairs out and helping set up.  Just sayin’.

At: Eyre Chapel, Newbold Chesterfield.

Bring: Yourselves, friends, family – it’s all good, any variety of pagan, or not, all are welcome 🙂  – and a spot of food for the foodshare.  If it’s homemade, please be sure to mark if it’s veggie friendly or not.

Dress code: not that we have much of one, but… clothes.  They would be good.  Actually: it’s Yule – Bring out your Bling, Slap on your Sparkle and Muster up a bit of Magic!

A word about beer: You may have gathered – we’re not licenced and there isn’t a bar, so if you’d like a wee drinkie to enhance your evening, please bring your own.  There will be recycling bags set up in the kitchen for your empties 🙂  Also, there may be bairns about, so watch where you put your bottles and cans.


For those who have not been before, there is a car park on site (and a loo!) and a small kitchen with a kettle (which we have use of for the night)
Entertainment-wise, we have the following confirmed and raring to go: *deepbreath, puts compere’s voice on*

Tony Keeton – you might have caught his performance at our Yule do last year – a performance poet who writes on everything from Dating Medusa to Faux Fur, to a nuclear power station supplying a radioactive Rudolph to a grateful Santa…  a trip inside his head is a thought provoking, if beautifully weird experience.

A lovely nordic/balfolk musical duo hailing all the way from deepest darkest Sheffield.  They’re new (to us), be nice ;p

The fabulous Blackheart Belles Belly Dancers 🙂  ’nuff said.

Before Jays Cheesy Wheels of Steel Disco to take us to the close 🙂

There may even be a short film of photographs (if I can get my pagan time in gear…)   and may be additional entertainment on the night, you never know 🙂

Any questions, queries, comments, write them on a piece of batter pudding and send to the usual address.  Or just leave us a comment 🙂
Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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