A walk on Stanton Moor

Hello lovely peeps, a couple of days ago your webteam got let out and decided to go for a walk across Stanton Moor to the Nine Ladies Stone Circle.  Usually there is sight of at least one other human being at the site itself, which is seperated from the moor by a grove of trees. However, we saw only a couple of walkers on the moor itself, the circle was lovely and peaceful in the lunchtime December sunshine.   As y’all didn’t go with us, here are a few piccies showing the seasons turn towards the cold.  As usual, you can clicky to embiggen any of the pictures below.

Firstly, we passed the cork stone:
cork stone

Crossing over the moor:

stanton moor1

Seeing the textured ripples in the stones and the sandy paths:

stanton moor5

Seeing the heather buds falling away:

stanton moor7


The last flowers on the gorse:

stanton moor2

To the grove of protective trees:

stanton moor3Finally seeing the circle itself:

nine ladies

stanton moor4

We saw Yellow Stagshorn Fungus growing on a tree stump:



And finally paid our respects to the Wishing Tree:



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