Now we are five :)

Break out the party hats and candles!

This post marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of this site, and we’ve been steadily growing since we started.  To give you an idea, the views for December 2009 were 326 for the month, December 2010 the site was viewed 1,495 times.  In November of this year, we had 3,124 views.

To date, there are 78 pages, and 442  posts available for you to read and comment on, (including this one).  Our busiest month was in June 2012 of 6,279 views.  In total, we’ve had 175,199 views since the site started in December 2009.


That’s a lot of people.

So, all we really wanted to say was Hail and Welcome to all our lovely readers, Twitter followers, commenters and those who find us looking for information and decide to stay.

We hope you stay with us in the future,

from your friendly website admin team,

Tiro and Amalasuntha 🙂


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