Yule Festivities: all welcome!

Hail good folks,

You may have realised by now that the next celebration in the wheel’s turn is Yule, traditionally for us in Derbyshire a time of much merriment, food and the odd bit of dancing.  Good news everyone!  It’s that time again.  This year it will be on the 19th December in the evening at Eyre Chapel, Newbold.

The usual applies – for those new to the festivities, that means a short ritual to mark the occasion (the serious bit) followed by a foodshare, light entertainments, and a bit of a boogie at Jay’s Cheesy Wheels of Steel Disco to finish the evening off.  So; dust off your glad rags, bring out your bling and get ready to celebrate midwinter in our usual fashion.  All are welcome, whether pagan or not, druid, shaman, wiccan, witch, heathen, eclectic or just plain nutty 😉  The more the merrier!

In short: bling is the order of the season, or fancy dress, whichever you prefer 😉  The ritual will be outdoors but for a short time only, and then it’s inside to celebrate in true fashion.  Bring a spot of food – something to share, it doesn’t have to be homemade, as long as you can categorise it as meativore, veggivore or dessert (not the sandy kind…).  If you’d like to do a turn on the stage for a few minutes, get in touch you talented people you.   Also: bring your appetites 🙂  We traditionally tend to have a lot of food!

The place will be Eyre Chapel, Newbold, which is behind the Nags Head pub.  For those who haven’t been before, turn into the pub car park immediately next to the pub, go to the far end and you should see a big set of open iron bar gates.  Through those, you’ll find a car park covered in crushed pale stone (as opposed to the pub car park of tarmac).  Follow the path lights to the small building on the left hand side of the car park as you enter the gates, and you should see a crowd of people already there 🙂

More news as we get the entertainments confirmed, watch this space 🙂


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