Samhain Celebration Approaches

The Wheel turns and Samhain approaches, so for the festival, Chesterfield Pagans are planning an open gathering and ritual celebration night.  This will be at Eyre Chapel, Newbold, Chesterfield (the same place that the monthly drumming takes place) on 1st November at 7.30pm.

As usual, there will be a ritual marking the occasion, together with music and dancing afterwards, and some fun, family orientated activities:

Fancy Dress Competition – for those that fancy it!  For children and adults alike, with a prize being awarded for the best costume

The return (or should that be revenge) of the Pumpkin Carving Competition – with a prize awarded for the best one

And a new competition for this year – Spookiest Named Food – as this one’s new,  we’ll explain: the celebration will be a food share, so please bring a little something with you.  It doesn’t have to be enough to feed everyone and if it’s homemade, please mark your food meaty, veggie or dessert!  For those wanting to enter this competition we’d like you to bring a themed item and present it with it’s title, an example could be hotdogs wrapped in pastry bands with eyes put on with a little food colouring presented as ‘Mummified Hot-Dogs’.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive, and there’ll be a prize awarded for the best one.

Looking forward to seeing you all there (and sampling your spooky food!)


2 thoughts on “Samhain Celebration Approaches

  1. I really enjoyed reading your Samhain article! Love the poem from Humbert Wolf, and the picture, which feels to me like an Elvish, ethereal Autumn in Rivendale. A Blessed Samhain! 🙂

    Blessed Be,

    • Hail and Welcome Iolairmara,
      Glad you enjoyed the site, hope you come back and see us soon 🙂

      In Frith,

      Amalasuntha and Tiro
      Chesterfield Pagans Webmasters

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