Food Banks

In the current economic climate, paying for food is becoming increasingly difficult for those on a tight budget.  As Winter approaches, some are having to make the decision to either pay for food, or pay for heating.

There are places which provide food and support through crisis, within 5 miles of Chesterfield centre, there are 9 food banks available to help.  Most of them provide a hamper with 3-4 days worth of food, including tinned and dry goods, fresh fruit and veg and bread, to help that person or family cope either in a crisis, or long term.  The majority of food banks in this area are based at Christian churches or community centres, relying on public donations to help support those in need.

The centres will happily take donations of tinned and dry goods, however small, and usually have a list of preferred donations so just give them a call to make that your donations are suitable first!  You can sometimes see them at major supermarkets, where they will offer a list of suitable donations and invite you to pick one up with your weekly shop and donate it.

If you find yourself in crisis, you can talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau about managing money and debt.  To access a food bank service, you must be given a voucher which you can take to the centre.  You can obtain a voucher and a referral from the CAB, your GP, Sure Start, your health visitor, or social care professionals.

You can find a list of available food banks in your area of Derbyshire HERE


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