Do you know… book donation

If, like your friendly web team, you find yourself with too many books and not enough shelf space, you’re left with only one option: to cull the herd of knowledge down a bit and re-organise.  Otherwise you start growing stacks of books on the floor, or on any other available flat surface like literary stalagmites…

Good news! Whilst you can take them into a Charity Shop of choice for them to be sold on and make a little money for your chosen cause, did you know that you can take them into Chesterfield Library to add to their collection?  We only use them as an example, as a) we’ve donated books there before, and b) they’re local to our area…

We’d advise that you don’t use those donation bags which are opportunistically posted through your door – books put into those are often collected by a third company, who pulp them and give a small set donation to the charity.  It’s the same with the book collection bin at recycling centres such as Stonegravels *sad face*

The whole process of donating to a library isn’t very complicated:

Check that your books are good quality and still readable and then just pop them along to the main counter, talk to one of the lovely librarians and say that you’d like to donate them 🙂

You books will enjoy a new lease of life; after being tagged they could find themselves winging their way around the county, into and out of different branches and mobile libraries, bringing their shiny information to new readers.


One thought on “Do you know… book donation

  1. I’ve been doing it for years. Glad you posted this as my local library is always happy to accept our donation. Keep spreading the word. Blessings Newbold witch.

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