Interfaith: an update concerning heavy metal and Christianity…

Those of you who saw us at the last moot will know this already, but for those who didn’t, we gave an update on the interfaith work that we’ve been exploring.  Recently we sat down and had a very civilised cup of tea and slice of cake with the lovely Rev. Mark Broomhead who shepherds the Order of the Black Sheep in Chesterfield.  Their premises at The Gates between the Low Pavements and Beetwell Street in Chesterfield town centre are very gothic, with rooms beautifully decorated in dark victoriana complete with skulls and candles (aside from the cafe rooms, which are 1950’s style) (their gallery is HERE).  Their community is made up of those who feel marginalised by the mainstream church, but still wish to grow in Christian worship.  Their sacred space doesn’t have pews, pulpit or a conventional altar, but piles of beanbags (black naturally) and not a hymn in sight…

Amongst other things, the church runs a Geochurch and a foodbank, as well as attending Bloodstock heavy metal music festival (to run the welfare tent), and the arts, faith and justice festival Greenbelt.


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