And now… an humerous interlude

When you run a website like this one, us lucky admin type people get to create content and also see the behind the scenes statistics of what posts people have looked at, and what they’ve liked reading.  It helps us plan future posts and see what you, our lovely readers like, and what you don’t.

Stay with us, there’s a reason for all this…

Another thing that we get to see is what search terms people have typed in, resulting in our page.  It’s another way we can figure out what people might be looking for and want to read about.  So today, we take a look at the stats and search terms people have used and find this:


So for the people or persons looking for ‘satin worship elvaston castle‘ we’d like to say that there’s places you can get some nice silks in the south of our lovely county, and we hope you find some suitable satin to worship soon 🙂


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