Fabulous Camp Reminders (on dog poo bags, and ticket sales)

Gentle folks,

for those bringing canine companions to camp this year, we are respectfully reminded that you must have a dog ticket (so that we can ensure each dog has suitable space allocated) and that your doggy poo bags must be eco-friendly if you want to deposit them in the long drop loos.  We are reliably informed that these are marketed as biodegradable and are mostly green in colour.  We know you’re all responsible owners, but, you know, just in case you’ve got all caught up in the excitement of counting down the days, and that.  ‘Cause that can easily happen.


Which reminds us: camp ticket sales this year stop four days before the camp starts.  So the last time you’ll be able to buy a ticket is on Sunday 27th of this month.  If you’ve not got one already, and you want to go, then get to it people!  If you have bought yours already, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from Cherrill, and your details will be on her list.  There are no gate sale this year, so arriving at the gate without a ticket booked, means we shall release the hounds (with their biodegradable poo bags) Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to buy your tickets within the next 16 days.  This message will not self destruct in five seconds*…





* we accept no responsibility for those whose computers do self destruct whilst you read this message…


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