Course: Introduction to the Techniques of Shamanic Healing

If you have an interest in shamanic healing, you may want to look into a course being run by Jean Douglas and Pat Dunnicliffe at Pine Clouds, Cromford.

Please note: to attend this course you will need to have done some shamanic work already, and/or be experienced at journeying, and/or have a strong relationship with your spirit guides.

The course will provide an introduction to the techniques and tools used to aid shamanic healing, and will include:

  • Journeying for and with a client
  • Healing ceremonies, dances and chants
  • Soul loss and retrieval
  • Diagnostic skills
  • Power and empowerment
  • Ethics and responsibilities
  • Earth healing
  • Healing with plants

To be run over two weekends, July 5th and 6th and Sept 6th and 7th, and one evening (date by negotiation) between the two.  The weekend days will run from 10 am until 6 pm each day and the cost will be £80 per weekend.

The evening will be 3 hours and cost £10.

Total cost will be £170, with concessions available.

Venue will be Pine Clouds, Cromford in the Derbyshire Peak District

If you’re interested, please contact Jean on 01629 822716 ( or Pat on 01332 880984 ( for further details.


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