Event: The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival

If you’re anywhere near Leeds on Saturday 10 May, and if you’re veggievore, vegan or generally friendly towards suchlike, you may be interested in the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival, which is to be held between 10:00-18:00 on that day at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.

Billed as the ‘first major vegan festival ever to be held in Yorkshire’, the event will consist of stalls, workshops and presentations – including cooking workshops – and apparently there will be free food samples (always a selling point for me, but I’m desperately shallow).

The event’s being held in support of and with various charities working in animal protection and against cruelty, including International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals and Animal Aid.

Tickets are £2; entry is free for under-16s.

Full information is available on the Festival site HERE; you can also find them on FACEBOOK and on TWITTER.

[Necessary disclaimer: Chesterfield Pagans is not affiliated with organisers or participants or sponsors of this event, and we present details here purely for the benefit of readers who may be interested.  So, you know, that.]


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