New Location for Moots: The Telmere Lodge, Hasland

You may have noticed that we’ve been, in mooty terms at least, a bit of a nomadic group of late.

Unfortunately unable to continue meeting at our long-established haunt of the New Inn at Hasland, we had decamped (recamped?) at the Spital Hotel.

This proved not entirely suited to our needs, though, and we’ve now relocated once again.

If you’re sighing in exasperation just now, please stop with the sighing, because there is Good News!  The new new location for Chesterfield Pagans moots is:

The Telmere Lodge
Mansfield Road
Derbyshire S41 0JH

Where it is in relation to Chesterfield (town centre at top left of map):


That’s pretty much opposite the New Inn (now the Three Cottages), by the roundabout.

Here’s a pixture:

Image of Telmere Lodge

If you’ve been with us a year or three, you may recognise this as The Place We Used To Meet What Used To Be The Winsick Arms.

The first moot at our new pad will be on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 at 19:30.  We’re told this first time we’ll be in the restaurant area, although it’s not expected to be too busy; and from next month, all being well, we should be in a private room downstairs.

So come along and join us: we’re told the food at the Telmere is Rather Nice, which always makes us happy.  And as they’re letting us meet there FOR FREE, we’d like to urge you to buy drinks and food aplenty while you’re there.

See you there then!


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