Dogs Attending Summer Camp 2014

Esteemed readers:

Many of you, I’m sure, will already be looking forward to the Summer Camp this year.  Many of you. I’m sure, love your dogs.

The connection in this context is that many of you will want to bring your canine cousins along to the camp.  There we have good news, and we have stern admonishments.

The good news is that yes, dogs are welcome at the camp – on the understanding that they’re properly controlled and kept on their best behaviour Colin.

The more serious notes are that we have a lot of dogs interested in coming along this year, and given the nature of the beast (dog), we need to ensure that each one has to have a reasonable amount of space – which means limiting the number that can be brought onto the site.  And that means tickets.

You may be aware that doggy tickets are available this year.  This is in order to manage a maximum safe cap on the number of doggish participants.  In short, you must have a dog ticket in order to bring a dog.  If you don’t have a dog ticket, then your dog can’t be permitted on the site.  This will be an absolute, and no exceptions can be made.

So please make sure you’re booked in properly to avoid disappointment for your fluffy little pal.  And your dog.

Please also be aware that there are no on-spec gate sales this year.  Gate sales can be managed with prior arrangement with Cherill, and tickets can be purchased either from Zeta Tickets (via the link top right), or at moots.  But otherwise: no gate sales.  Not for dogs, nor for people.  So make sure to book in all members of your party in the name of the awesomeness that will almost certainly be the Lammas Camp 2014.

(But tell your bow-wows to look on the bright side: cats aren’t catered for at all.)


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