New Year! A Little Late, But…

Well, hello, ladies and gentlebeings.

And welcome to the Chesterfield Pagans website as we venture into the windy, blustery and all-round dreary miserableness that is the 2014 weather so far.  It’s blowing a gale outside, rain blattering on the window panes, heavy things crashing into the roof, and my time in town today, let me tell you, was bitter round the face.

Honestly.  The ears were unhappy.  Unhappy ears indeed.

So now I’m inside and warm and able to type again (the fingers weren’t too chuffed, either), I can take a few moments to update this ‘yere site of ours and yours.  We’re conscious there’s been a little bit of a hiatus over the last month or three.  We apologise if this has been disappointing, but we’re sure our friends on the Facebook page have been keeping you all entertained and informed.

Rest assured this site hasn’t gone away; the new year’s started a little on the late side, but we’re gearing up to bring you news, items and snippets of interest from the world of paganism, and particularly the little bit of the world whose pagans, and pagan-friendlies, we welcome most often to our moots, namely, Chesterfield and its surrounds.

We’ll be looking to do that; but, as always, do remember this is your site.  If you have any news or announcements, opinions or comments, questions or answers you’d like posted up here, you’ve only to let us know at


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